• Halo! Krystal Wallet Launches Bahasa Indonesia Language Support

    Halo! Krystal Wallet Launches Bahasa Indonesia Language Support

    Bahasa Indonesia is the second language supported on Krystal web app.

    Halo Indonesia!

    We’re thrilled to announce that Krystal now supports Bahasa Indonesia, the national language for 280 million people in Indonesia!

    As part of our ongoing commitment to build the simplest web3 wallet for everyone, we’re excited to be able to strengthen the web3 experience for our Indonesian users through such localisation efforts. This marks an important milestone for us as we support Bahasa Indonesia on Krystal web app. More languages will be added in future. 

    Our Indonesian community is one of our most long-standing and active user-base, and we understand the importance of providing the simplest possible experience for them. That’s why we now offer Bahasa Indonesian language support on our web app and in our Indonesia Telegram group, where our moderators and advocates are available to provide customer support.

    To change the language on Krystal, simply select the “Language” icon at the bottom left of your screen and choose your preferred language.

    image 3
    How to switch languages on Krystal

    As we continue to grow, we’re always looking to improve our platform and provide the simplest possible experience for our users. Let us know on Twitter which languages you’d like to see supported next.

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  • LSDFi: The Hottest Trend in DeFi

    LSDFi: The Hottest Trend in DeFi

    LSDs or Liquid Staking Derivatives are the hottest innovation shaking up the decentralized finance (DeFi) scene 🔥

    Currently, there is over 10 million ETH ($19.4 billion) staked on multiple platforms and earning yield on it 📈


    But ever since the latest Ethereum Shapella upgrade, a groovy sub-sector has emerged called LSDFi (Liquid Staking Derivatives Finance).

    So what is it? Is it worth the hype or will it die down soon enough? 🤔

    Well, put on your bell-bottoms, grab your cool shades because we’re about to find out when we take a wild ride through the LSDFi landscape!


    Key Takeaways

    • LSDFi (Liquidity Staking and Derivatives in Decentralized Finance) is a game-changer in the world of DeFi, offering exciting potential for maximizing yield and driving financial innovation.
    • It combines liquid staking with the wide range of products that DeFi already offers, providing investors with diverse investment options.
    • The LSDFi ecosystem fosters innovation and experimentation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in decentralized finance and introducing new financial instruments and strategies.
    • A plethora of projects like Lybra Finance, Pendle and Asymetrix Protocol have been leading the way with their innovations and offering more opportunities for users.
    • While diving into LSDFi platforms can be a thrilling adventure filled with exciting opportunities, it’s crucial to keep an eye out for the challenges and risks that tag along.

    LSDFi: Where Staking Gets Liquid and Drippin’

    Picture this: you’ve got your assets staked, but suddenly you feel the urge to boogie in other parts of the DeFi dancefloor 🤔

    For this, you’ll have to unstake and take the collateral elsewhere which means, you’ll lose out on that sweet sweet yield.

    Enter LSDFi, the smooth-talking matchmaker that lets you have your stake and trade it too! LSDFi platforms allow you to collateralize your staked assets and receive liquid derivatives that you can freely:

    • trade 🔄
    • lend 🫳
    • use as collateral elsewhere 💰

    It’s like taking your staking rewards to the roller disco while still having them safely tucked away.


    Benefits of LSDFi

    LSDFi offers a range of exciting benefits for users. Let’s dive into the fun and fabulous advantages:

    1. ✅ Enhanced Yield Opportunities: LSDFi platforms provide users with innovative ways to maximize their yield. By using the staked assets on one platform, users can earn attractive returns on other platforms as well. It’s like adding extra sparkle to your financial journey!
    2. ✅ Flexibility and Accessibility: LSDFi breaks down barriers and opens up new possibilities. Gone are the days of patiently waiting for staked assets to unlock. You can actively use your staked assets to participate and earn in a vibrant ecosystem.
    3. ✅ Diverse Investment Options: LSDFi platforms offer a wide array of investment options and strategies. Whether you’re into staking, yield farming, liquidity provision, or derivatives trading, there’s something for every risk appetite and investment preference. It’s like having a buffet of investment opportunities right at your fingertips!
    4. ✅ DeFi Innovation and Experimentation: LSDFi is at the forefront of DeFi innovation. It pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, introducing new concepts and financial instruments. It’s like a playground for the creative and curious minds, where you can explore groundbreaking ideas and experiment with cutting-edge technologies.
    5. ✅ Community and Governance: LSDFi platforms often foster vibrant communities where like-minded individuals come together to discuss, learn, and collaborate. Through governance mechanisms, users have a say in the platform’s future and can actively participate in shaping its direction. It’s like being part of a close-knit family where your voice matters.

    Noteworthy Projects in LSDFi

    Within the LSDfi sector, several noteworthy projects have emerged, each offering unique functionalities to LSD holders and users alike.


    🔴 Lybra Finance


    It’s like a magical place where you can deposit your ETH or Lido Staked ETH (stETH) and borrow their stablecoin called eUSD. And guess what? They don’t charge any fees for minting eUSD or interest on the borrowed amount. How awesome is that? 🤯

    But wait, it gets even better! By just holding eUSD, you can earn some sweet yield. It’s like free money raining down on you. And here’s the best part: you don’t have to worry about the volatility of ETH because the yield is automatically converted to eUSD. No more hassle of swapping stablecoins yourself. 💰

    Now, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also earn more by providing liquidity in eUSD pools or try out some ETH-levered long strategies. Fancy buying more ETH with your eUSD? You can totally do that too ✅

    Their Total Value Locked (TVL) has skyrocketed like crazy, like 10 times in just the last month. And their LBR token? It went from its lowest point to an all-time high, gaining over 2000%!

    That’s some serious growth right there 📈

    🔴 Pendle Finance

    image 1

    A crazy cool DeFi protocol on Ethereum and Arbitrum. It lets you tokenize and trade yield, giving you ultimate control over your yields and unlocking advanced strategies 💰

    We’re talking about things like longing yield (expecting it to rise), snatching up assets at a discount, and even getting fixed yield on your yield-bearing tokens. It’s like a playground for DeFi power users! 🔥

    Pendle splits every yield-bearing token into two.

    1️⃣ First, you’ve got the principal token (PT), which lets you redeem the underlying assets after a fixed maturity period.

    2️⃣ Then there’s the yield token (YT), which allows you to receive the yield from staking or other yield-bearing activities for a specific period. You can claim those rewards whenever you want or sell the YT to someone else. It’s all about maximizing your control and flexibility.

    With Pendle, you become the master of your own yield farming destiny. It’s a world of flexibility and control for yield farmers, traders, and long-term ETH bulls 📈

    🔴 Asymetrix Protocol

    image 2

    It’s here to shake up the ETH staking game 🚀

    You deposit your stETH into Asymetrix, and every week, the rewards from ETH staking get dished out to the users. But wait, there’s a twist! The distribution of rewards is all about luck!

    Your odds of winning depend on how much you’ve deposited and how long you’ve kept it in the protocol. It’s like a crazy rollercoaster of randomness! 🎢

    The best part? The rewards are determined by Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF). It’s like Lady Luck herself is deciding who gets what 🔥

    You could score big and get the whole pool’s rewards, or you might just get a tiny piece of the pie. It’s all up to chance!

    But hey, don’t worry about losing your deposits. Asymetrix has your back. Even if luck isn’t on your side, you won’t lose your hard-earned stETH. Phew! 😅

    And guess what? As a bonus, they’re dishing out their native token, ASX, to all the cool peeps who participate. So, even if you don’t win big, you’re still earning those sweet ASX tokens. It’s a win-win!

    Now, keep in mind that there’s an opportunity cost here. Your stETH’s yield might be affected while you’re playing in the Asymetrix sandbox 😬

    Overall, these projects collectively contribute to the development of a dynamic LSDfi ecosystem, providing users with enhanced opportunities and flexibility in managing their digital assets.

    Challenges and Risks

    While LSDFi platforms offer exciting opportunities, it’s important to be aware of the challenges and risks that come with using them. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

    1. ⛔️ Smart Contract Risks: LSDFi platforms rely on these fancy smart contracts, but hey, they’re not foolproof. There could be bugs or coding mishaps that might lead to financial losses or hacks. So, be sure to do your homework, check for audits, and be cautious when interacting with these contracts.
    2. 📈 Volatility and Market Risks: LSDFi loves to play with those wild and crazy assets and markets. Brace yourself for rollercoaster rides of price fluctuations. Just remember, what goes up can also go down, so be prepared for potential losses and keep an eye on those market movements.
    3. 👩‍⚖️ Regulatory Uncertainty: LSDFi is still finding its way in the regulatory world. Things might change, rules might be unclear, and compliance could get a little messy. Stay in the loop, stay informed, and be ready to adapt if the regulators start throwing curveballs.
    4. ⚖️ Information Asymmetry: Transparency, or lack thereof, can be a bit of a puzzle in LSDFi. Sometimes it feels like trying to find your way through a maze without a map. Info might not be as readily available, and things can get a bit asymmetrical. Do your research, seek out reliable sources, and be extra cautious when participating.
    5. ⚠️ User Error and Security Risks. It’s like walking a tightrope, my friend. One wrong step, and you might end up losing your funds. Double-check those addresses, watch out for phishing attacks, and lock up your crypto with good security practices. Safety first, folks!

    Future of LSDFi

    The future of LSDFi holds promising potential. With an increasing number of participants recognizing the advantages of liquidity provision alongside staking, LSDFi platforms are set to become highly sought-after destinations 📈

    As reported by Binance Research, the TVL in top LSDFi protocols has more than doubled in a month, crossing the $400 million mark 🔥

    Anticipate the emergence of novel LSDFi protocols that will further enrich the ecosystem, catering to the evolving needs of investors seeking to optimize their staking strategies while maintaining liquidity.

    Currently, LSDFi represents around 2% of the total addressable market! Plenty of room for further expansion 🚀


    The LSDFi landscape is poised for significant growth and innovation, promising an exciting journey ahead for stakeholders in the blockchain and DeFi space 💪


    In conclusion, LSDFi’s potential to revolutionize DeFi is undeniable. It offers enhanced yield opportunities, sparks innovation, empowers individuals, and brings forth a new era of financial possibilities 🔥

    As the LSDFi landscape continues to evolve, it’s an exciting time to be part of the decentralized finance revolution, where the rules are rewritten, and the potential is limitless.

    Buckle up, embrace the LSDFi revolution, and get ready for a thrilling ride into the future of finance 🚀

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  • The Not-So-Scary Side Of Impermanent Loss

    The Not-So-Scary Side Of Impermanent Loss

    Just like fine wine and cheese, in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), risks and rewards go hand in hand 🤌

    One risk that liquidity providers must navigate is impermanent loss. In this blog, we will demystify impermanent loss, exploring what it really means, its impact on liquidity providers, and how to calculate it. We will also dive into strategies to mitigate impermanent loss and empower traders to make informed decisions in the dynamic DeFi landscape.

    So, grab your popcorn and get ready for a thrilling DeFi adventure! 🍿


    🤓 Key Takeaways:

    • Impermanent loss is a loss that can occur when you provide liquidity to a liquidity pool 😅
    • The amount of impermanent loss you experience will depend on the price change of the assets in the pool, the ratio of the assets in the pool, and the length of time you hold the assets in the pool 🔺
    • There are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of impermanent loss such as staying patient or choosing less volatile assets 🧘‍♀️
    • Impermanent loss is a temporary loss, and if the prices of the assets in the pool return to their original ratio, you will regain the value of your initial deposit 😎

    🤔 What Even Is Impermanent Loss?

    Picture impermanent loss as a mischievous rollercoaster gremlin that messes with your liquidity pool funds 🎢

    When asset prices go on a wild ride, your overall portfolio value takes a dip compared to holding the assets separately. But don’t worry, it’s not a permanent loss! It’s more like a “temporary inconvenience” until the market regains its balance.

    So, you just have to hold on tight and embrace the thrilling nature of impermanent loss! 🤞

    Apart from your portfolio, this also occurs in liquidity pools, when the value of the assets in a liquidity pool changes relative to the value of the individual assets when they were deposited. This can happen if the price of one asset in the pool goes 🔺 or 🔻 more than the other asset.

    😎 Let’s Take An Example And Calculate Impermanent Loss:


    Calculating impermanent loss is like solving a fun puzzle with you as the detective. So, grab your magnifying glass (or calculator) and let’s get deducing!

    Don’t let the math scare you! 😅

    Imagine you are the sole investor in a newly established liquidity pool and you deposit the following assets 👇

    • 💰 10 ETH with an initial value of $1,000 each
    • 💰 $10,000 worth of a stablecoin equivalent, such as DAI (10,000 tokens)

    👉 Suppose someone uses 500 DAI to purchase ETH from your pool. This transaction leads to a 5% increase in the supply of DAI.

    As a consequence, the price of DAI decreases within the liquidity pool, while the price of ETH rises due to a reduction in its quantity.

    This phenomenon is known as price impact, where each purchase elevates the price of the purchased token.

    Subsequently, the AMM algorithm adjusts the prices of the tokens based on the updated quantities.

    Liquidity pools often use a simple rule called the constant product formula. It multiplies the initial quantities of tokens in the pool, like 1,000 * 1,000 = 1 million. This 1 million value is then used to determine how prices change when people make trades and the token amounts in the pool shift.

    👉 In this example, the formula relies on the starting quantities of 10,000 DAI and 10 ETH in the pool, resulting in a constant product of 100,000.

    The following calculations explain how these figures were determined:

    • ✖️ Constant Product: 100,000
    • 💰 New DAI Supply: 10,500
    • 💰 Remaining ETH Supply: 9.5238 (100,000 / 10,500)
    • 💰 ETH Obtained by the Buyer: 0.04762 (10 – 9.5238)

    Consequently, the updated pool supply is as follows:

    • DAI: 10,500 * $1 = $10,500
    • ETH: 9.5238 * $1,000 = $9,523.80

    👉 Now, let’s say the price of ETH reaches a value of $1,250.

    If you had held onto your original deposit, its worth would have been:


    However, the remaining pool value differs:


    Due to the swap, the number of ETH tokens decreased to 9.5238, resulting in an exchange value of $11,904.75 (9.5238 * $1,250).

    Although the value of your DAI increased by $500, it was insufficient to avoid an impermanent loss. ❌

    Consequently, following the swap, you experience an impermanent loss amounting to $95.25:

    $22,404.75 (value after swaps) – $22,500 (value if held) = -$95.25 (impermanent loss) ❌


    😏 How To Avoid Impermanent Loss?

    When it comes to dodging impermanent loss, there are several strategies that can help reduce the risk and ensure a smoother crypto ride.

    1. Choose Low Volatility Tokens 💰 Opting for stablecoin pairs or equivalent tokens like ETH and WETH can be a smart move. These pairs typically experience lower price volatility, minimizing the chances of impermanent loss. In return for added safety, you might expect slightly lower fees.
    2. Join the Big League 😎 Size matters! Joining larger liquidity pools can work in your favour. These pools are better equipped to handle significant swaps without causing drastic price impacts. By swimming with the big fish, you can navigate the waters of impermanent loss with greater ease.
    3. Patience is Key 🔑 Sometimes, patience pays off. If you’re providing liquidity for high-demand tokens on a bustling platform, your impermanent loss may be temporary.
    4. Shake Up the Liquidity Ratio ⚡️ Some protocols offer the flexibility to choose a token ratio other than the traditional 50/50. Adjusting the ratio by allocating a lower percentage to more volatile tokens can help mitigate the risk of impermanent loss. It’s like finding the perfect recipe that balances flavours just right.
    5. Set Your Trading Range 🔢 Uniswap comes to the rescue with a nifty feature that allows you to set a trading range for your position. Tighter trading ranges offer increased safety but may require more frequent adjustments as prices fluctuate. It’s all about finding the sweet spot that suits your risk tolerance.

    😌 In The End…


    Impermanent loss, the mischievous troublemaker of liquidity pools, can be tamed with a sprinkle of fun. From low-volatility pairs to single-sided liquidity pools, there are tricks to reduce this risk.

    • Start small 💰
    • Learn from the data 🤓
    • Gradually expand your positions 🤯

    Remember, no matter the amount, the math remains the same. But starting small adds an extra layer of safety. So, buckle up, and let’s conquer impermanent loss with a smile!

    Happy investing, and may your liquidity journey be filled with laughter and victorious moments. Together, we’ll become liquidity legends! 🔥

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  • What are Liquidity Pools? – 5-minute Explained

    What are Liquidity Pools? – 5-minute Explained

    In the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), liquidity pools have splashed onto the scene, making waves and revolutionizing how assets are traded and liquidity is provided 🌊

    So grab your snorkel and let’s explore the depths of liquidity pools, uncovering their importance and how they can make a splash in your financial journey.

    ok scuba diving

    What are Crypto Liquidity Pools? 🤔 

    A liquidity pool refers to a pool of funds that are securely held within a smart contract. These pools play a vital role in enabling various decentralized activities, such as trading, lending, and other essential functions.

    Liquidity pools are like the secret sauce behind many DEXs, such as the famous Uniswap. Think of liquidity providers (LPs) as the fearless heroes who add equal amounts of two tokens into a pool, creating a market full of excitement 🚀

    And guess what? As a reward for their bravery, they earn trading fees based on their share of the total liquidity 💰

    Thanks to liquidity pools, the practice of facilitating trading in financial markets is no longer limited to a select few. It’s an inclusive gathering where anyone can participate and make a significant impact!

    While Bancor was one of the pioneers in using liquidity pools, it was Uniswap that truly made waves and caught everyone’s attention 🔥

    But the fun doesn’t stop there! Other popular venues like:

    • Curve
    • Balancer
    • PancakeSwap

    …and so many more also offer their own delightful liquidity pools, filled with ERC-20 tokens that’ll make your head spin 😎

    How to Use Crypto Liquidity Pools? 🤔

    Let’s dive into an example: Imagine you, the adventurous trader, decide to try your luck with Uniswap. Here’s how you would go about it:

    1️⃣ Select a token pair

    Like picking the perfect dance partner, choose the pair of tokens you want to provide liquidity for. Take a look at their TVL, trading volume, and potential price divergence in the future.

    2️⃣ Review Fee Tier

    Now, let’s talk fees! Each token pair offers different fee tiers. Uniswap offers 0.05% fee tier, perfect for those stable pairs that always keep their cool. The 0.30% fee tier suits most pairs, where prices can swing like a wild roller coaster. And for those exotic pairs with heart-stopping price movements, the 1.00% fee tier is where the adrenaline junkies belong!

    3️⃣ Set Price Range

    Time to make your move! Choose a price range that you believe will keep your position swimming in the right direction. Keep in mind the market’s movements, your willingness to manage the position actively, and the economics of those fin-tastic transactions.

    Remember, if the price swims outside your range, you’ll be swimming with one asset and not earning fees until it returns to the range.

    4️⃣ Deposit Amounts

    Let’s dive into the deep end! Decide how much capital you want to contribute to your liquidity position. Adjust the ratios and amounts based on your chosen price range. It’s like balancing on a floating surfboard, finding the perfect harmony between your assets.

    5️⃣ Approve and Add

    Get ready to submit the transaction and make a big splash. First, you might need to give the Uniswap v3 router contract permission to spend tokens on your behalf.

    Once that’s done, preview the transaction details, and with a big smile, click that “Add” button to trigger the transaction in your wallet.

    Now you just have to hold on tight, because the real magic is about to happen!

    You will almost instantly start earning rewards on the liquidity you add to the pool and the reward would be in the respective tokens you’ve supplied.

    You could earn rewards for a week, several months, or however long you and the pool agree to ride the waves together 🌊

    Ready to leave the pool and take a breather? Simply redeem your LP tokens, and voila! You can retrieve your initial deposit along with any rewards you’ve earned 💰

    Keep in mind that withdrawing liquidity might cause a ripple effect on the pool’s overall liquidity and potentially lead to impermanent loss 📉

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Crypto Liquidity Pools 🤔 

    Let’s break it down into bite-sized tidbits:



    • No More Order Books ⛔️ With liquidity pools, trading is smooth and slippage is minimized, making your token swaps a breeze.
    • Liquidity, liquidity, liquidity! 💧 By pooling your tokens, you contribute to the overall market liquidity, ensuring a vibrant and thriving DeFi ecosystem.
    • Earn Rewards 💰 Liquidity providers can dive into a sea of passive income by staking their tokens and collecting rewards from the pool.


    • Impermanent Loss 📉 Impermanent loss is a risk that arises when you join DeFi liquidity pools. It occurs when the value of the assets you deposit changes over time. It’s like the phantom menace of liquidity pools. But fret not, we’ll have a whole article dedicated to this topic soon. Stay tuned!
    • Smart Contract Risk ⚠️ The legitimacy of the underlying smart contracts will always be an issue. Make sure to check the security measures and audits of the liquidity pool protocols before taking the plunge.
    • Market Volatility 🔻 Crypto can be as unpredictable as the tides. Keep an eye out for sudden price fluctuations that may impact the value of tokens in the pool, affecting your potential profits.

    Examples of Crypto Liquidity Pools 🤔 

    uni uniswap 1

    Let’s meet some of the popular liquidity pools that are making waves in the DeFi ocean:

    1. 🦄 Uniswap – The rockstar of decentralized exchanges, Uniswap offers a range of liquidity pools for seamless token swaps. Dive into their pools and experience the thrill of trading directly from the depths!
    2. 🥞 PancakeSwap – Get ready to feast on some sushi while earning rewards. PancakeSwap not only offers liquidity provision but also tantalizing features like yield farming and revenue-sharing for liquidity providers. It’s a pancake party for your portfolio!

    When comparing different liquidity pools, remember to consider factors like fees, rewards, token availability, and user experience. Each pool has its unique flavor, so take a dip and find the one that suits your taste.

    Final Notes

    Liquidity pools are one of the core pillars of the current DeFi technology stack. By understanding how liquidity pools work, you can enjoy:

    • Seamless trading ✅
    • Contribute to market liquidity ✅
    • Earn rewards ✅

    These liquidity pools smart contracts energize nearly every nook and cranny of DeFi, and it seems they’re destined to keep rocking the show! 🔥

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  • Introducing Krystal Wallet’s Dino Collectibles: The Next Generation of NFTs

    Introducing Krystal Wallet’s Dino Collectibles: The Next Generation of NFTs

    Unleash your creativity now with Krystal’s all-new Dino NFT Collectibles! Whether you’re hip hop or punk, glam or grunge, collect, mix, and match items to create your very own unique NFT collection that reflects your style and personality. 

    The Dino NFT collection is a series of unique and adorable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that live on the Polygon chain. Each Dino NFT has its own unique combination of attributes, consisting of:

    1. Head
    2. Face
    3. Body
    4. Hand
    5. Leg
    Dino Rolling GIF
    Endless NFT possibilities

    The possibilities are endless. Create a one-of-a-kind Dino NFT and make it uniquely yours. 

    How to Create a Dino NFT?

    To start, create/import a wallet on Krystal mobile app, or connect a wallet on Krystal web app. 

    #1 Collect Eggs

    1. Complete daily missions to collect eggs which will allow you to start participating in the Dino Collectibles game. 
    2. Once you have enough eggs, you can start redeeming them for Dino body parts. 

    #2 Create your Dino NFT

    To create your own Dino, you need to collect at least one body part from each category. 

    1. Spend eggs to collect body parts. 
    2. Mix and match different combinations of body parts from each category to customise your unique NFT.
    3. To complete your NFT, you have to have at least 1 body part in each attribute category.
    4. Once you are satisfied with your creation, mint your NFT! There is no platform fee, but you need MATIC to pay the gas fee for minting.

    How to Earn Eggs?

    You can start earning eggs by completing daily missions. There are a variety of missions to choose from, and each one will reward you with a different number of eggs.

    What can you do with a Dino NFT Collectible? 

    Once you’ve minted your Dino NFT Collectible, you can do whatever you want with it. You can:

    • Transfer it to another wallet
    • Trade it on an NFT marketplace
    • Flaunt it on social media
    • Receive exclusive benefits for all NFT holders in the future. So stay tuned for more perks to come in the future. 

    Dino NFT Collectibles are unique and valuable assets. With so many possibilities, there’s no limit to what you can do with them.

    So what are you waiting for? Be part of Krystal Wallet’s first NFT community today and unleash your creativity with your Dino NFT creations. Have fun expressing yourself and maybe even win some prizes along the way. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of digital art that you can truly call your own.

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  • Cross-Chain Swaps: Unlocking the True Value of Multi-chain

    Cross-Chain Swaps: Unlocking the True Value of Multi-chain

    In the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain technology, interoperability has emerged as a crucial factor for the widespread adoption of decentralized systems.

    What is interoperability? It simply means the exchange of data between many different blockchain networks.

    With new types of blockchains being created almost every year, more people want to explore and learn about them. As evident from the data of Uniswap usage, Ethereum is not the ONLY blockchain on which users are transacting. Blockchains like Arbitrum, Polygon and Optimism are making significant strides in acquiring more users.

    Screenshot 2023 05 20 at 4.50.04 PM 1
    Source: Dune

    It is also worth noting that this data is only from chains supported by Uniswap. There are many more chains that aren’t supported by Uniswap but still have a large user base transacting actively.

    One promising solution that facilitates seamless communication and value transfer between all these different blockchains is cross-chain swaps. This blog explains the concept of cross-chain swaps, their inner workings, advantages, and different types.

    Key Takeaways

    • Cross-chain swaps enable the transfer of digital assets between different blockchains.
    • They promote interoperability and eliminate the need for intermediaries.
    • Cross-chain swaps enhance liquidity and expand the utility of blockchain ecosystems.

    What is a Cross-Chain Swap?

    Simply put, a cross-chain swap allows users to exchange assets between two different blockchains without the involvement of a centralized exchange or custodian. It enables direct peer-to-peer transfers, preserving the “minimum-trust” or “trustless” nature of blockchain technology.

    Cross-chain swaps offer a solution to the challenge of moving assets across isolated blockchain networks, unlocking new possibilities for users and developers alike.

    For example, it eases the process of moving your funds on the Ethereum blockchain to, let’s say, the Polygon ecosystem.

    How Does a Cross-Chain Swap Work?

    Cross-chain swaps rely on the use of smart contracts or specialized protocols to facilitate the exchange of assets between blockchains.

    The process typically involves the creation of a unique transaction that locks the assets on one blockchain while simultaneously generating a corresponding transaction on the target blockchain. Once the swap is initiated and confirmed on both chains, the assets are effectively transferred from one blockchain to another.

    Types of Cross-Chain Swaps

    1. Atomic Swaps: Atomic swaps rely on using time-locked smart contracts to enable direct and trustless asset swaps between compatible blockchains.
    2. Wrapped Tokens: Wrapped tokens represent assets from one blockchain in the form of a token on another blockchain, allowing for cross-chain transfers through tokenized representations. For example, creating a wrapped version of the ETH token (WETH) on the Polygon blockchain.
    3. Interoperability Protocols: Various interoperability protocols, such as Polkadot and Cosmos, provide frameworks for cross-chain swaps, enabling communication and asset transfer between participating blockchains.

    The Advantages of Cross-Chain Swaps

    1. Interoperability: This is one of the biggest advantages. Cross-chain swaps bridge the gap between isolated blockchain ecosystems, allowing for seamless communication and the ability to bridge or swap tokens to another network with ease.

    For example: If you hold tokens on the Avalanche network, you can bridge it to Ethereum or any other network with just a few clicks using a cross-chain swap.

    1. Increased Liquidity: Cross-chain swaps unlock new and bigger liquidity pools by connecting previously isolated blockchain networks, enabling users to tap into a wider range of assets and trading opportunities with better rates.

    For example: If you hold a token that has lower liquidity on Ethereum but has a higher one on BNB Smart Chain, you can quickly move your assets to that chain using a cross-chain swap and enjoy more liquidity.

    1. Enhanced Efficiency: By enabling direct peer-to-peer swaps, cross-chain swaps streamline the asset transfer process, reducing costs and increasing transaction speed.

    We, at Krystal Wallet, believe that it is our job to make it easier for users to explore and use all types of blockchains. This is why we chose to build the cross-chain swap feature in our wallet. Soon, users will be able to swap assets between 8 different chains with just a few clicks.

    The supporting chains include:

    • BNB Smart Chain
    • Avalanche
    • Ethereum
    • Optimism
    • Arbitrum
    • Polygon
    • Fantom
    • Aurora

    Final Notes

    • Cross-chain swaps have emerged as a powerful tool for enhancing interoperability and expanding the functionality of blockchain ecosystems.
    • By enabling direct peer-to-peer transfers between different blockchains, cross-chain swaps promote decentralization, unlock liquidity, and open up new possibilities for users and developers.
    • As the crypto industry continues to evolve, cross-chain swaps will play a pivotal role in driving the seamless integration of various blockchain networks, further advancing the adoption of decentralized systems.

    About Krystal Wallet

    Krystal is the simplest web3 wallet for everyone. On a single application, access cutting-edge portfolio management & market insights tools, swap & bridge tokens, earn passive income and participate in token sales via its IDO launchpad, KrystalGO. Additionally, users earn points and rewards from in-app activities as part of its loyalty program.

    Krystal currently supports DeFi services on 11 blockchain networks, including Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Cronos, Arbitrum, Aurora, Klaytn, Solana and Optimism. Explore Krystal today on mobile app (iOS and Android) and web app.

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  • Exploring the World of BRC-20: A Comprehensive Guide

    Exploring the World of BRC-20: A Comprehensive Guide

    Ever since it was created, blockchain technology has brought about a revolution in the world of finance and cryptocurrency. With the advent of various blockchain-based projects, new tokens and standards are continuously being developed to facilitate a smoother and more secure cryptocurrency ecosystem.

    One such token standard that has been trending off late is the BRC-20 token.

    In this blog, we will explore what a BRC-20 token is and how it differs from other more popular token standards like the ERC-20.

    Key Takeaways:

    • BRC-20 is a new token standard that is based on the Bitcoin blockchain.
    • It uses Ordinals to write JSON data that is used to deploy, mint, and transfer tokens.
    • The benefits of this token standard are immense. From increased security to reduced costs.
    • A lot of different tokens have been created using this token standard including a lot of meme coins like $PEPE, $MEME, $PIZA.
    • Overall, the trend is only increasing as more and more people are adopting this new token standard and building on top of it.

    What is a BRC-20 token?

    A BRC-20 token is a standard for tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain that enables the creation of smart contracts. It is similar to Ethereum’s ERC-20 token standard, but unlike ERC-20 tokens, which are based on the Ethereum blockchain, BRC-20 tokens are based on the Bitcoin blockchain.

    The BRC-20 token was created by Twitter user @domodata on March 8th, 2023.

    BRC-20 tokens are highly versatile and can be used to create a wide range of tokens, including utility tokens, security tokens, and even meme coins. So many meme coins have been created in the past few weeks, using this new BRC-20 token standard. The collective market cap of these tokens hit $1 billion at its peak.

    One of the most significant advantages of the BRC-20 token standard is that it allows for the creation of smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain, which enables developers to create more complex and innovative blockchain-based applications.

    How does it work exactly?

    The creation of the BRC-20 token standard was made possible with the creation of Ordinals, or as they are more popularly known Bitcoin NFTs. Ordinals allow users to explore, transfer, and receive individual satoshis, which may include unique inscribed data such as videos and images.

    BRC-20 uses Ordinals to write JSON data into Satoshis. It is this JSON data that is used to deploy, mint, and transfer tokens.

    After deploying a BRC20 token, users can mint or transfer this token. However, the process does not work like on Ethereum. There is no “smart contract” on Bitcoin like there is on Ethereum. All of the data must be integrated and shared in JSON files. So it’s not as simple and intuitive as it is on Ethereum. At least not yet.

    Screenshot 2023 05 10 at 11.58.58 AM

    If it’s not as intuitive then how exactly are they useful? Let’s understand that in detail.

    What are the benefits of BRC-20 tokens?

    The BRC-20 token standard offers several benefits, including:

    1. Increased security: BRC-20 tokens are based on the Bitcoin blockchain, which is considered to be one of the most secure blockchains in existence. This provides an additional layer of security for BRC-20 tokens, making them less susceptible to hacks and attacks.
    2. Interoperability: BRC-20 tokens are designed to be interoperable with other Bitcoin-based tokens and platforms. This means that BRC-20 tokens can be easily integrated with other blockchain-based applications and platforms, allowing for more seamless transactions and interactions.
    3. Flexibility: BRC-20 tokens are highly flexible and can be used to create a wide range of tokens, including utility tokens, security tokens, and even meme tokens. This versatility makes BRC-20 tokens an attractive option for developers looking to create innovative blockchain-based applications.
    4. Reduced costs: BRC-20 tokens are based on the Bitcoin blockchain, which is a well-established and widely used blockchain. This means that the cost of developing and deploying BRC-20 tokens is lower than developing and deploying tokens on a new or less-established blockchain.

    These benefits are part of the reason why this new token standard has been trending higher and higher every day since its creation. The total number of transactions of all these tokens has reached close to 350k and it’s only set to go higher from here.

    Screenshot 2023 05 10 at 12.34.24 PM
    Source: Dune

    Top BRC-20 Tokens and Where to Buy Them


    This is the first-ever token created using the BRC-20 token standard. Similar to Bitcoin, ORDI also has a total supply of 21 million ORDI. Most of it has already been airdropped to the community and the market cap had already reached close to $500 million.

    Interested users can currently buy this on centralized crypto exchanges like Gate.io and Crypto.com.


    This is a meme coin based on the popular internet meme- Pepe The Frog. This token is not the same as the other $PEPE token that has been taking the internet by storm with a billion dollars in market cap. The $PEPE on BRC-20 is a token with a market cap of $5 million currently.

    It has a max supply of 42,069,000 PEPE and can be bought on centralized exchanges like Gate.io and Crypto.com.


    PIZA is a meme coin based on the BRC20 standard. It was created in March 2023 and holds no intrinsic value. It also has no expected financial return and was created mainly for entertainment purposes, like most meme coins.

    This token also has a total supply of 21 million PIZA tokens. It also reached a total market of close to $10 million. PIZA can also be bought on Gate.io and also on the trading platform ZT.


    As the name already suggests, this is yet another meme coin created using the BRC-20 standard. Unlike the other two popular BRC-20 tokens, MEME only has a total supply of 99,999 MEME. Most of it is held by just a few wallets.

    Given the reduced supply, the current price of the token is quite high compared to the rest of the meme coins. This token can also be bought on Gate.io and other centralised exchanges like BitGet.

    Which Wallets Can Hold BRC-20 Tokens?

    Currently, the BRC-20 tokens can be held in two types of wallets:

    1. Exchange Wallets
    2. Ordinals or Bitcoin Wallets

    Exchange Wallets

    If these tokens are listed on any of the centralized crypto exchanges then, the BRC-20 tokens can be held in the respective exchange’s wallet. Some of the notable centralized exchanges that have these tokens listed are:

    • OKX
    • Bitrue
    • Gate.io
    • Binance
    • Crypto.com

    Ordinals or Bitcoin Wallets

    Since the BRC-20 is a token standard created on the Bitcoin blockchain, most of these tokens can be held on a Bitcoin wallet as well.

    Apart from this, the recently made Ordinals Wallet which was created to hold Ordinals (a.k.a Bitcoin NFTs) can also hold the BRC-20 tokens because both are created for the Bitcoin Network.

    Final Notes:

    In conclusion, the BRC-20 token standard is a versatile and secure token standard that is based on the Bitcoin blockchain.

    • It enables the creation of “smart contracts” using JSON files and allows for the creation of a wide range of tokens, including utility tokens, security tokens, and even meme tokens.
    • The benefits of the BRC-20 token standard include increased security, interoperability, flexibility, and reduced costs.
    • Some of the top tokens created using the BRC-20 standard include $PIZA, $ORDI and $MEME.
    • As blockchain technology continues to evolve, the BRC-20 token standard is likely to play an increasingly important role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

    About Krystal Wallet

    Krystal is the simplest web3 wallet for everyone. On a single application, access cutting-edge portfolio management & market insights tools, swap & bridge tokens, earn passive income and participate in token sales via its IDO launchpad, KrystalGO. Additionally, users earn points and rewards from in-app activities as part of its loyalty program.

    Krystal currently supports DeFi services on 11 blockchain networks, including Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Cronos, Arbitrum, Aurora, Klaytn, Solana and Optimism. Explore Krystal today on mobile app (iOS and Android) and web app.

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  • Meme Tokens: Things That Matter (And Things That Don’t)

    Meme Tokens: Things That Matter (And Things That Don’t)

    In the world of crypto, there’s always new innovation happening. From DeFi and DEXs, all the way to NFTs. It seems like it just doesn’t stop.

    But among all this another culturally integral aspect of crypto has emerged in the past few years. We’re talking about meme tokens. As the name suggests, meme tokens are digital coins that are inspired by internet memes. These tokens have gained immense popularity in recent times due to their unique appeal and potential for quick profits.

    But can it be called an innovation? Well, we’ll leave it to you to decide. In this blog, we’ll explore what meme tokens are, their pros and cons, how to buy them, and also look into some popular meme tokens.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Meme tokens are created as a joke or to represent a popular meme and they inherently have no intrinsic value.
    • They usually play into popular culture, making them attractive to a younger demographic of investors.
    • Since they are traded mostly on decentralized exchanges, they usually end up having lower liquidity, which can result in high slippages.
    • Some of the biggest meme coins like DOGE and SHIB have reached billions of dollars in market cap and the newer ones like $PEPE and $LADYS also seem to be well on their way to hitting that goal.

    What is a Meme Token?

    A meme token is a cryptocurrency that is created as a joke or to represent a popular meme. These tokens are often inspired by internet phenomena like viral videos, celebrities, or other cultural references.

    Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, meme tokens have no real-world value and are purely speculative.

    Pros and Cons of Meme Tokens

    Before investing in meme tokens, it’s best to weigh the pros and cons of these types of tokens and asses the risk accordingly.


    • High potential for quick profits: Meme tokens are often traded at a low price and can experience a sudden surge in value, leading to quick profits for investors.
    • Pop culture appeal: Meme tokens tap into the zeitgeist of popular culture, making them attractive to a younger demographic of investors.
    • Fun and engaging: Meme tokens can be entertaining to follow, as their price movements often relate to viral trends and internet memes.


    • High volatility: Meme tokens are highly speculative and can experience sudden price swings, making them a risky investment.
    • Lack of fundamental value: Meme tokens have no intrinsic value and nearly have no utility, making them vulnerable to market manipulation and crashes.
    • Limited liquidity: Meme tokens are often traded on decentralized exchanges, which have lower liquidity and can lead to high slippages.

    How to Buy Meme Tokens?

    Meme tokens can mainly be bought in TWO ways:

    • Centralized Exchanges (CEX)
    • Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

    CEXes are traditional cryptocurrency exchanges that are regulated and offer higher liquidity, while DEXes are decentralized exchanges that are peer-to-peer and offer lower platform fees.

    With Krystal Wallet, you can leverage the best prices from top DEXs and purchase most of the popular meme coins out there.

    You can take a look at the liquidity pools of the tokens you intend to purchase to see if you will be able to cash out when needed.

    DOGE liquidity pools on Krystal

    To buy these tokens, you’ll need to create a wallet and fund it with crypto. Once you have crypto in your wallet, you can trade it for meme tokens on a CEX or DEX.

    Popular Meme Tokens (OGs + Trending)

    Dogecoin is arguably the most famous meme token, created in 2013 as a joke based on the Shiba Inu dog meme.

    Dogecoin (DOGE)

    Despite being initially created as a joke, Dogecoin has gained a massive following and has been supported by high-profile figures like Elon Musk. He even changed the Twitter logo to DOGE’s logo for 24 hours. As of May 2023, its market cap is $10 billion.

    Best rates for DOGE on Krystal!

    Shiba Inu (SHIB)

    Shiba Inu is another meme token inspired by the popular dog meme. It was created in 2020 and has quickly gained popularity due to its low price and the social media hype around it. Its market cap as of May 2023 is $3 billion.

    Best rates for SHIB on Krystal!

    Pepe (PEPE)

    Pepe coin is the latest addition to the growing popularity of meme coins. Inspired by the “Pepe the Frog” meme and the artist behind it, Matt Furie, this token has taken crypto by storm! The token has a circulating supply of 420 trillion and the market cap has reached close to $1.2 billion!

    Best rates for PEPE on Krystal!

    Turbo (TURBO)

    Turbo Token (TURBO) is a revolutionary meme token featuring a futuristic toad mascot. Turbo Token is created by Rhett Mankind in 2023 after following instructions from GPT-4, with a start budget of $69.

    “I gave GPT-4 a budget of $69 and asked it to make the next great meme coin.”

    TURBO reached a market cap of $50 million a few weeks back.

    Best rates for TURBO on Krystal!

    Milady Memecoin (LADYS)

    It’s a meme token inspired by a popular NFT collection Milady Maker. The meme token, however, is not officially related to the project. It’s a self-organized meme token created by the community.

    This token has been going absolutely berserk ever since Elon Musk tweeted a meme using the imagery of a Milady NFT. The token reached a market cap of close to $50 MILLION after surging by over 5000%.

    Best rates for LADYS on Krystal!

    Final Notes:

    • Meme tokens have emerged as a popular trend in the world of cryptocurrency, driven by their pop culture appeal and potential for quick profits.
    • While they can be entertaining to follow and offer opportunities for investors, they also come with high risks due to their lack of intrinsic value and volatility.
    • When investing in meme tokens, it’s important to do thorough research and understand the potential risks involved. As with any investment, it’s important to diversify your portfolio and invest only what you can afford to lose.

    About Krystal Wallet

    Krystal is the simplest web3 wallet for everyone. On a single application, access cutting-edge portfolio management & market insights tools, swap & bridge tokens, earn passive income and participate in token sales via its IDO launchpad, KrystalGO. Additionally, users earn points and rewards from in-app activities as part of its loyalty program.

    Krystal currently supports DeFi services on 11 blockchain networks, including Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Cronos, Arbitrum, Aurora, Klaytn, Solana and Optimism. Explore Krystal today on mobile app (iOS and Android) and web app.

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  • Celebrating Two Years with You: A Look Back at Krystal’s Achievements

    Celebrating Two Years with You: A Look Back at Krystal’s Achievements


    We are beyond excited to celebrate this huge milestone with you, and it is your achievement as much as it is ours 💚

    As web3 technology continues to revolutionise the world we live in, navigating this space continues to be a challenge. Hence, we have remained steadfast in our endeavour to create the simplest web3 wallet for everyone.

    Let’s take a look back at some of the key product developments we have brought in our second year.

    Key Product Developments

    #1 Improved Interoperability between Blockchain Networks

    With 3 new chains integrated including Solana, you can now store and manage assets from 11 chains in a single wallet.

    MKT All Networks In Article Banner 1
    Store and Manage Assets on Polygon, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Cronos, Arbitrum, Fantom, Aurora, Klaytn, Optimism and Solana

    To simplify the process of transferring tokens between different networks, we launched Krystal Bridge. The feature is powered by Multichain’s cross chain router protocol, and we have made it possible for you to send assets between 10 chains directly on Krystal.

    #2 Empowering Users to Take Ownership over Security of Their Assets

    In our Portfolio feature, we introduced ‘Token Approvals’ to provide visibility on smart contracts that you have granted access to your token balances. In the case that any of these smart contracts get compromised, you can easily search, view, and revoke directly in your wallet.

    MKT Token Approval Banner

    Krystal has also made it convenient for you to import multiple wallets safely.

    With the launch of our in-app scanner, we enable you to easily capture and transfer alphanumeric private key strings in less than 1 second.

    Krystal helps reduce your risk of exposure to malware that tracks what you’re typing on your devices when you use third-party apps to import your private keys.

    #3 More Non-Custodial Earning Opportunities

    With our integration of Lido Finance and Ankr, Krystal brings you liquid staking opportunities to earn higher returns with greater flexibility.

    As a whole, Krystal brings you 100+ decentralised earn options for native tokens, DAO tokens, stable coins and more. Have an aggregated overview of all passive income opportunities for their wallet holdings, and other tokens supported by the integrated protocols.

    #4 Enhanced User Experience through Added Functionalities & UI Improvements

    In the year, we also worked on pushing improvements to make your experience on Krystal a more seamless and intuitive one.

    We improved our Swap UI

    • Better gas estimation gives you an accurate overview of transaction-related fees
    • Better rate display overview enables you to conveniently compare rates between multiple DEXes to help decide on the option that gives you the best rates

    We improved our Search function

    Krystal can be your Sherlock Holmes when it comes to searching for any wallet address or token.

    • Enter any wallet address to access its portfolio page. You can view all of the wallet’s assets and NFTs across all of our supported chains.

    • Enter any token name, ticker or token address to access a comprehensive list of tokens.
    • View the major liquidity pools for any token. Click to see candlestick chart of any liquidity pool. Krystal shows you real-time token price information, especially useful for tokens launched from IDOs.

    We improved our Token Transfer experience

    • Address Book: Save frequently used wallet address recipients for quick access to reduce the pain of manually entering addresses and minimises the risk of sending assets to the wrong address
    • Personalisation: Attach messages and images with your token transfers to add a personal touch

    Only possible with your trust and support, we were also happy to achieve a significant milestone of 1M downloads on Google Play Store!

    MKT 1M Downloads

    Join our #KrystalTurns2 Celebrations!

    To celebrate this milestone, we have are having 2 weeks of celebration, events & giveaways!

    Mint an EXCLUSIVE #KrystalTurns2 Anniversary NFT

    MKT Krystal NFT

    To celebrate this occasion, we are happy to announce a joint campaign with Kyber Network, CoinGecko, Multichain, Venus Protocol and Ankr Network.

    1. From now til 07 May’23, complete tasks to mint limited edition Krystal x Partner OATs
    2. When you have collected all 5 OATs, visit Krystal’s campaign page to mint the exclusive Krystal Wallet 2-Year Anniversary NFT
    3. At the end of the campaign, all NFT holders will receive 1,000 eggs.
    4. Visit Krystal Rewards to spend eggs to receive more rewards
    5. More special reward will be given to NFT owner in the future.

    Win up to $20,000 in Krystal Guess & Win

    It’s simple – pick a lucky number. If your number matches the winning number, stand to win from the our largest prize pool yet. Join the $20,000 Guess & Win event now!

    MKT 20k Guess Win

    Want to claim more tickets? We’re airdropping 10,000 eggs to 10 lucky winners in this campaign.

    We will be announcing more celebration events in the coming week so stay tuned to our Telegram and Twitter channels!

    What’s Ahead for Krystal?

    This year, Krystal is committed to providing you with even more enhancements to support the growth of your portfolio.

    First, we will improve the speed, accuracy and presentation of all digital assets of all of your owned wallets for you to understand the health and performance of their overall portfolio. When talking about wallet assets, this will also include visibility of liquidity positions to understand true PnL of all your positions. This can also be used for any wallet you wish to track.

    Additionally, we understand that it can be difficult to discern the appropriate actions to take in response to market movements and news. Thus, Krystal aims to deliver actionable insights in your wallet to help you to take better decisions to grow your investments.

    In the days ahead, we remain committed to our mission of bringing web3 to everyone, and we look forward to continuing this journey with you by our side.

    🔍 Navigate Web3 with Krystal!

    Start your journey NOW on Krystal’s Web App or Mobile App!

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  • Results & Guide to Token Sale: InteractWith IDO on KrystalGO

    Results & Guide to Token Sale: InteractWith IDO on KrystalGO

    Registration for InteractWith on KrystalGO has closed. In this post, we are releasing the Results, Tier Allocation and a Guide to $INTER Token Sale.

    List of Allocated Wallets

    Public Pool

    You can check the Pool page.

    Results can be found here as well.

    • Clt-F
    • Key in your wallet address

    Token Allocation Result for each Tier

    This is published on the pool page as well.


    Topaz Tier

    • Allocation: 200 INTER (30 USDT / wallet)

    Obsidian Tier

    • Allocation: 400 INTER (60 USDT / wallet)

    Emerald Tier

    • Allocation: 7,475.1438 INTER (1,121.27 USDT / wallet)

    Sapphire Tier

    • Allocation: 31,395.6041 INTER (4,709.34 USDT / wallet)

    Partner Pool

    You would have been informed by the Krystal team that you have won a slot for the INTER IDO on KrystalGO.

    Please Note:

    • You have to pre-order your allocation before the start of the token sale. You will lose your guaranteed allocation if you do not purchase it by the start of the Token Sale. Any unpurchased allocation will be made available to the public to purchase.
    • If your wallet has Raffle — Missed, you have to wait for the start of the Token Sale.
    • If your wallet is Not Registered, you have to wait for Last Call of the Token Sale.
    IDO Timeline InteractWith 1

    How to participate?

    We will move onto the next phase only if the tokens are not sold out in the previous phase. To participate in the sale, you must have USDT.

    Pre-Order Your Allocation

    Allocation will be announced on March 16, 2023, 09:00 UTC. This will be shown on the pool page (Public | Partner)

    • Pre-Order Starts: March 16, 2023, 09:00 UTC 
    • Pre-Order Ends: March 17  2023, 07:59 UTC

    All pre-orders will be filled automatically at the start of the token sale. Any remaining allocation will be available to purchase.

    • ONLY USERS who are given an allocation based on their tier can pre-order their allocation.
    • Pre-order your allocation anytime before the start of the token sale

    If you are unsure, check the pool page to see if your wallet has been whitelisted.

    Token Sale

    All pre-orders will be filled automatically at the start of the token sale. Any remaining allocation will be available to purchase. Token Sale runs on a First come First serve (FCFS) basis.

    PUBLIC — March 17, 2023, 08:00–09:00 UTC

    • All users who registered for the pool can purchase
    • Token amount will be predetermined
    • First come first serve, until sold out

    Last Call — March 17, 2023, 09:00–21:00 UTC

    • All KYC-ed KrystalGO users can purchase
    • No max cap of token amount
    • First come first serve, until sold out

    Step 1: Go to InteractWith Pool page

    Step 2: Connect your wallet

    Please ensure that the wallet you have connected is the same wallet that you have used to complete KYC.

    Step 3: Switch to BSC network

    On the top right hand corner, click on the dropdown and select the BSC network.

    Step 4: Make your deposit

    1. Check your maximum allocation
    2. Type in the amount you want to purchase (or click Max to auto-fill with your max)
    3. Approve transaction — This step is required if this is the first time you are depositing this token on this network on this platform. You must approve to allow the smart contract to interact with your token. You only need to do this transaction once for each token.
    4. Click Deposit.
    5. Confirm on your wallet and wait until the transaction is mined. When the transaction is confirmed, the purchase amount will be updated accordingly.
    pTWcpD42lhaD9SSSKc9RdgTOndyr2ISI8HhEfivVBzzNSqPvb2rq8fz8uHpGc R3 ZKLliWlZTKngbVOvv18oBSK5VpI9i9ZJwE G reHKf6 AzKXyH6 qqbRzMbJ FKBpsFuVk10fGw4Rj0Z0P0nFk

    Claim Tokens

    TGE: March 21, 2023, 15:15 UTC

    • 20% unlocked at TGE, then daily vesting for 5 months

    For more information

    ⭐️ Step-by-step IDO/INO Participation Guide here

    ⭐️ Tier explanation here

    ⭐️ Help Center here

    About InteractWith

    InteractWith helps businesses and individuals make the transition from traditional web platforms (Web2) to decentralised, blockchain-based platforms (Web3). Through the plug-and-play solution for the gaming industry, InteractWith enables game developers to easily integrate blockchain technology into their games without any coding knowledge or upfront costs. In addition, InteractWith offers a gamified wallet with social features to enhance the user experience. By using InteractWith’s tools and services, game developers can quickly upgrade their games to offer blockchain-powered gameplay experiences.

    InteractWith is focused on developing web3-powered user experiences for gaming applications and our mission is to create innovative, engaging, and rewarding experiences that leverage the power of blockchain to enable new forms of interaction and value exchange within the gaming industry.

    Website | Telegram | Twitter 

    About KrystalGO

    Krystal, the simplest self-custodial wallet for Web3, debuted its launchpad, KrystalGO, in October 2021.

    KrystalGO allows community members to participate in public rounds of funding by various token projects.

    To qualify for the 4 different tiers, users can accumulate points based on their total trading volume on the Krystal platform. These tiers will determine the amount of tokens that are allocated to the user.

    KrystalGO supports projects built on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, Avalanche and Solana. It will soon expand to other networks and cater to more projects and users.

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