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Check Out Our Latest Features On Krystal (Mid-Sep Roundup)

krystal new features september 2022

We’ve added some new features to our platform, with the aim of providing you with the best DeFi experience ever.

Here’s a quick roundup of our 3 latest features:

Improved Swap User Interface 🛠

We strive to make your swapping experience as seamless as possible, and our new Swap UI was created with that in mind.

Some of our new features include:

  1. Improved visibility when comparing rates among multiple decentralised exchanges
  2. Addition of token icons to the interface
  3. Direct importing of tokens by pasting the token’s contract address
  4. Improved estimation of the gas fee you’ll incur
  5. Addition of Expert Mode (allows trades to be made with slippage tolerance > 50%)

How do you like our latest swap UI? Don’t forget to drop us a review after you’ve completed a swap! 😉

A birds-eye view of your entire multi-chain portfolio 👀

You can now view your entire crypto portfolio across ALL of our supported networks with just one view.

The ‘All Networks’ field will be selected by default, and you are able to select each individual network, just like before!

What’s more, you can view your Solana assets on the mobile app, along with your assets on EVM-compatible networks!

Switching networks is now a breeze 💨

We’ve updated the wallet flow for Swap and Earn on our platform, where you can quickly switch between networks to perform a DeFi action across all 9 EVM-compatible networks.

Switching networks is now much easier on mobile, as there are now 2 separate menus to switch between networks and wallets.

We hope that you enjoy our new updates as much as we do! 😬 Don’t forget to update your app to the latest version, and give us a 5-star review on the App Store or Google Play Store!

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