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2 NEW Features On Krystal! Say Hello To Our DApp Browser And Multi-Send Feature

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Did you notice that there are 2 NEW features on our platform?

At Krystal, we’re always striving to provide you with the best DeFi services, and here are the latest additions to our platform explained in detail:

· DApp Browser
· Multi-Send
 ∘ 1. Access Multi-Send on Krystal (Mobile and Desktop)
 ∘ 2. Enter the type and amount of cryptocurrency to withdraw
 ∘ 3. Confirm the transaction
· Conclusion
· Navigate the DeFi Space now with Krystal!
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DApp Browser

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Have you tried to use decentralised applications (DApps) like Pancakeswap on your phone’s web browser, but you just can’t seem to connect your wallet?

With Krystal’s DApp Browser (only on iOS or Android), you are able to interact with these DApps directly from the Krystal App!

To access the DApp Browser, go to the ‘Explore’ tab on the mobile app, and select ‘DApps’.


Here are 3 ways that you can access your favourite DApps:

  1. Choose from one of the Suggested DApps
  2. Search for your favourite DApp using DuckDuckGo installed on our browser
  3. Enter the URL directly under the ‘Search’ bar

Always make sure that you are entering the correct URL when accessing any DApp. There may be some phishing websites that may have a similar URL and will steal your data!

If you are looking to connect your wallet, you will need to connect via Metamask.

For example, if you are using Pancakeswap, you will need to select the Metamask icon.

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This will allow you to connect your Krystal wallet with the DApp.

You can use these same steps when connecting with any DApp with the DApp browser.


Are you looking to send funds from your Krystal Wallet, but the gas fees are just too high?

With Krystal’s Multi-Send function, you can send funds to multiple addresses, all in a single transaction!

What’s more, you can send multiple cryptocurrencies with this feature, and you’re not limited to just one currency each time.

Here’s how you can use this feature to save both time and gas fees:

1. Access Multi-Send on Krystal (Mobile and Desktop)

To access the Multi-Send feature, you can go to the ‘Explore’ tab, and select ‘Multi-Send’.


2. Enter the type and amount of cryptocurrency to withdraw

On the next screen, you will be asked to enter:

  • The type of cryptocurrency to withdraw
  • The amount of cryptocurrency to withdraw
  • The address that you’ll be withdrawing your funds to

The screen should look something like this after you have entered this information.


If you are using Multi-Send on the Desktop, you are able to upload a .csv file that contains all of the information, without having to manually add each transaction.

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There is a .csv template that you can download and follow to input all of your transactions.

When you are using the Multi-Send feature for the first time, you may need to approve the transaction so that Multi-Send can interact with your tokens.


3. Confirm the transaction

On the next screen, you will be able to view all of your transaction details, before confirming the transfer.

Once the transfer has been completed, you can view it in your transaction history.


Multi-Send can be used for any cryptocurrencies on any of our 6 supported networks (Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom and Cronos).

This will give you a seamless experience while transferring your funds!


We hope you will enjoy these latest features on our platform!

Do tweet us or send us a message on Telegram if you have any feedback.

Navigate the DeFi Space now with Krystal!

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