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AMA With NanoByte’s CEO — Hutama Pastika (Recap)

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On 18th February 2022, Krystal hosted an AMA session with NanoByte’s CEO, Hutama Pastika (Tommy).

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Here’s a recap of the key points that were mentioned during this session:

Background of NanoByte

NanoByte’s vision is to make crypto ‘mainstream and legitimate’ by bridging cryptocurrencies to the traditional currency system in Indonesia.

This allows them to align crypto wallets with fiat products, such as:

  • Credit cards
  • Insurance

NanoByte consists of a team of more than 30 people, and they have launched an investment app (Nanovest) late in 2021.

Besides Nanovest, NanoByte is looking to expand its use cases, including an introduction of a cryptocurrency card in the future.

Supporters and backers

NanoByte has 2 main backers for their project:

  • Sinarmas (a well established financial institution in Indonesia)
  • Tokocrypto (the largest crypto exchange in Indonesia)

Tommy believes that by having support from both of these companies, NanoByte will help to make cryptocurrencies mainstream.

Edge over competitors

Tommy aims to provide simplicity with NanoByte’s services, as other products out there cater to people who already have some knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

Tommy believes strongly in providing a great user experience, especially for people who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies.

Upcoming events

Here are some of NanoByte’s future milestones:

  • 22nd Feb 2022: Nanoverse Summit (sharing the launch of NBT and the future roadmap
  • 23rd Feb 2022: IDO on KrystalGO
  • 25th Feb 2022 (TBC): DEX listing on Pancakeswap
  • March 2022 Week 1 (TBC): CEX listing on Tokocrypto and opening of the Nanoverse

Questions from our community

Here are some quickfire questions that were asked by our followers on our Twitter page:

NanoByte’s Greatest Achievement

Tommy mentioned that NanoByte’s application has been downloaded by more than 2 million users and was in the top 5 list of Finance apps on the App Store (Indonesia) in less than 2 months.

Main Differentiating Factor of NanoByte

In response to a question asked by one of our users, Tommy mentioned that crypto usage in Indonesia is very limited (10 million users for a 270 million population). Tommy feels that most of the current projects are targeting people who are already savvy with cryptocurrencies.

This is where NanoByte is differentiating itself, where they want to integrate crypto with all Web 2.0 products, such as:

  • Electronic money
  • Insurance
  • Banking products

In this way, cryptocurrencies will no longer be just a speculative product, but it will have something of real value.


NanoByte has been certified by Certik, which you can view the findings of the audit on NanoByte’s Medium page.

Tommy also mentions that NanoByte has implemented a multi-signature wallet in their team for extra security.

Partnerships and Private Sales

NanoByte selects partners to work with them for the long term, and not just for short term gains.

For example, NanoByte treats marketing partners as investors and not as influencers, so that they will have a long-term interest in the project.

Moreover, NanoByte only allows investors to join the private sale if they agree to a 6-month lock-up period, which signifies their long-term commitment.

Building of a Community

Tommy strongly believes that the community should be involved in the entire project. One such example was when all of NanoByte’s community members were allowed to join in NBT’s private sale.

NanoByte also has plans to open up an ambassador program to engage even more with the community.

Expansion to Overseas Markets

Tommy sees Southeast Asia as an important market, due to the very high interest in cryptocurrencies.

One interesting point is that customers from different Southeast Asian countries may have the same customer profile, so the huge populations in these countries may lead to great demand for NanoByte’s products.


And that’s it for the main points that were covered during the session. We hope to see you at our next AMA!

If you would like to follow the entire thread, you can check out our Telegram channel.

For more information on NanoByte’s IDO, you can check out our post here.

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