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Check in Daily to Earn Daily Rewards on Krystal DeFi App

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Krystal is giving you a chance to win rewards daily. Introducing (Krystal Dino) Eggs 🥚, our (pre)historic 😉 rewards program on Krystal. Collect these eggs on the Krystal App* every day, and you can redeem them for BUSD and other rewards!

*At launch, the feature will only be available on our mobile app (iOS and Android).

Where can I collect these eggs?

Simply check-in daily on the Reward Hunting page in the Krystal Mobile App (available on iOS and Android).


Check in everyday to earn turns at the Lucky Spin, where you can spin and stand a chance to win up to 20 eggs every day!

If you maintain your 7-day check-in streak, you earn a progressively higher number of spin turns on Days 6 & 7. More turns = chance to win more eggs!

How do I check in daily on the Krystal App?

Step 1: Connect or import your wallet on the Krystal Mobile App.

Step 2: Click on Explore, and select the Reward Hunting icon.

Step 3: Click to check in. Congrats, you earn a lucky spin turn!

By checking in everyday, you will be able to redeem additional lucky spin turns. Unfortunately, if you miss a day, your streak will be reset to Day 1 😭

Step 4: Click Spin Now to try your hand at the lucky spin, and stand to win up to 20 eggs!

Step 5: You can see all your accumulated eggs on the Reward Hunting page.

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How do I check in daily on the Krystal App?

Remember — if you maintain your check-in streak, you can redeem additional spin turns on Days 6 & 7.

  1. Check in on Day 1 to 5: 1 spin a day
  2. Check in on Day 6: 3 spins
  3. Check in on Day 7: 5 spins

If you miss a day, your streak will be reset to Day 1!

Where can I see how many eggs I’ve collected?

You can check the total number of eggs you have collected on the Reward Hunting page.

Click on the top right hand corner of the My Rewards page to bring you to the My Reward page.

After every spin, click View Rewards to bring you to the My Reward page.

What can I do with the eggs I’ve won?

Here are some things you can redeem with your eggs:

You have to accumulate a minimum of 100 eggs before you can redeem them to BUSD. 100 eggs = 1 BUSD

At launch, you will only be able to redeem eggs for BUSD.

However, we will soon bring other possible rewards (eg. project tokens, NFTs, discount vouchers) you can redeem for in the future. So don’t miss collecting any of em’ eggs!

How do I claim my BUSD rewards?

You can refer to this YouTube video for a step-by-step guide on how to convert eggs into BUSD:

Other FAQ

Q: “Will my eggs expire?”

A: Currently, eggs collected have no expiry date. Anytime you reach 100 eggs, you can redeem them anytime for BUSD.

Q: “Do I have to spin immediately after I check in everyday?”

A: No, you don’t have to. After checking in, you can choose to spin immediately, or keep the spin to be used later. You can see the number of total spins you have on the Reward Hunting page.

Q: “Are there any other ways besides daily check-in that will let me collect more eggs?”

A: At launch, the only way to collect eggs is by checking in daily. But here’s an exclusive — we will soon introduce other in-app activities for you to collect more eggs. Stay tuned!

Start collecting your Krystal Dino Eggs today!

And as always, we want to continuously improve to provide you with the best experience. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, let us know by tweeting us or sending us a message on Telegram!

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