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Empowering Access: Krystal Wallet Introduces Custom EVM Compatibility on Mobile App

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Add Custom EVM Networks

Krystal Wallet users can now add custom EVM networks on our mobile app, providing you with greater freedom to connect and interact with a wider range of chains. You will be able to track, receive and store any EVM tokens, and seamlessly connect and interact with various EVM DApps via DApp browser in your Krystal Wallet.

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Krystal Wallet now supports more networks than ever

With this development, Krystal users gain enhanced flexibility and accessibility within the blockchain ecosystem. This feature empowers you to effectively manage a diverse digital asset portfolio across various chains from a single wallet. Additionally, Krystal Wallet’s capacity to store and track tokens across any EVM network enables effortless interaction with EVM DApps, expanding your opportunities to explore and engage with the ever-growing number of blockchain-based services and utilities. This advancement broadens asset management within a single wallet and enables seamless interaction with various EVM DApps.

How to add a custom EVM network?

We’ve made it simple for you to add custom EVM networks in your Krystal Wallet.

Step 1: Open Krystal mobile app and navigate to the Browser page.

image 5

Step 2: Search for Chainlist, or locate it in the DApp directory.
You can star to bookmark it for easy access in the future.

image 6
Search for Chainlist

Step 3: Enter the network name you intend to add and click Add to Metamask.

image 2

Step 4: Select Confirm to add the network.

image 3

Step 5: Return to Wallet and the newly added network will be visible.

image 4

You can also click on the network name to toggle between networks. Opt for All networks for a comprehensive overview of your assets all chains (default and added).

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