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Halo! Krystal Wallet Launches Bahasa Indonesia Language Support

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Bahasa Indonesia is the second language supported on Krystal web app.

Halo Indonesia!

We’re thrilled to announce that Krystal now supports Bahasa Indonesia, the national language for 280 million people in Indonesia!

As part of our ongoing commitment to build the simplest web3 wallet for everyone, we’re excited to be able to strengthen the web3 experience for our Indonesian users through such localisation efforts. This marks an important milestone for us as we support Bahasa Indonesia on Krystal web app. More languages will be added in future. 

Our Indonesian community is one of our most long-standing and active user-base, and we understand the importance of providing the simplest possible experience for them. That’s why we now offer Bahasa Indonesian language support on our web app and in our Indonesia Telegram group, where our moderators and advocates are available to provide customer support.

To change the language on Krystal, simply select the “Language” icon at the bottom left of your screen and choose your preferred language.

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How to switch languages on Krystal

As we continue to grow, we’re always looking to improve our platform and provide the simplest possible experience for our users. Let us know on Twitter which languages you’d like to see supported next.

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