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Kickstart Your Klaytn Journey With Krystal (New Chain Supported)

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Krystal is pleased to announce that we have integrated the Klaytn network with our platform.


Coupled with our recent addition of the Solana network, we now have 10 networks for you to store, track and swap your assets!

What is Klaytn?

Klaytn is an open-source public blockchain developed by South Korean Internet company Kakao, with an aim of making a better world through people and technology.

Klaytn is an EVM-compatible, layer 1 blockchain that aims to be the ‘trust layer’ of the metaverse, as well as for GameFi and the creator economy.

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Having seen previous success with their 1.0 launch in Korea and Asia, Klaytn has recently launched a 2.0 roadmap with the aim of becoming more globalised.

With a primary focus on the metaverse, GameFi and the creator economy, Klaytn is developing a more scalable and interoperable ecosystem.

With a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $460m (according to Defi Llama),


Klaytn has come a long way ever since its inception in 2019!

How can I use Klaytn on Krystal?

Here are the features that Krystal currently supports on the Klaytn network:

  • Sending and receiving assets
  • Viewing your portfolio (cryptocurrencies and NFTs)

This is just the start, as we intend to integrate more features on Klaytn, such as:

  • Aggregating popular decentralised exchanges (DEXes) on the Klaytn network
  • Implementing SmartSwap to give you the best rates
  • Integrating the Klaytn network with KrystalGO

Tell us which Klaytn projects you would like to see on our launchpad!

How do I send assets via the Klaytn network?

Klaytn is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible network, the deposit address will be the same as the address that you use for other networks (starting with ‘0x’).

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Do ensure that you are selecting the Klaytn network to withdraw your assets from an external wallet or centralised exchange when transferring to Krystal!

You can find out more about depositing assets to your Krystal Wallet here.

How do I bridge assets to the Klaytn network?

You can use a bridge like Multichain to bridge your assets from other networks to Klaytn.

However, you can only bridge 3 tokens (MAI, QI and WEMIX) to Klaytn.

Alternatively, you can use the Orbit Bridge, which allows you to bridge more assets to the Klaytn network from multiple blockchains, including:

  • Ethereum
  • Avalanche
  • Polygon

You can refer to Orbit Bridge’s documentation for detailed information on how to bridge your assets.

How do I add the Klaytn network to my wallet connected with Krystal?

If you are using the Krystal mobile app, the Klaytn network will already be added to your wallet.

However, if you are using our desktop platform and are connecting with an external wallet (e.g. Metamask), you will need to add this network manually, and you can check out this guide here for more details.

Do keep in touch with us on Twitter or Telegram to find out when we release MORE features on the Klaytn network!

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