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Krystal Highlights: January and February 2022

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The start of 2022 has been rather eventful for us! Here’s what happened at Krystal over the past 2 months:

Launch of Krystalpedia

With our goal of educating our users on the latest developments in the crypto space, we have launched Krystalpedia, our all-in-one education hub for crypto enthusiasts.

If there are any articles that you’d like to see, do let us know on Twitter or Telegram!

Inaugural Fireside Chat

Krystal hosted our very first Fireside Chat with Mr Gabriel Goh (Investment Analyst, Signum Capital).

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Throughout the session, we covered many interesting topics about the crypto space, including:

  • The potential for Ethereum as a cryptocurrency and a network
  • The case for Layer 2 solutions
  • Indicators of a good crypto project
  • Thoughts of El Salvador adopting BTC as legal tender

You can watch the entire session on our YouTube channel, or you can view this recap on the key points that were mentioned.

New Feature on Mobile App: DApp Browser

Did you notice anything new in our Krystal app?

We have launched the DApp browser, which allows you to connect your Krystal wallet to any decentralised application (DApp).

In this way, you will be able to connect your Krystal wallet to any DApp, all within the Krystal mobile app!

To access the DApp browser, here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Go to the ‘Explore’ tab on your Krystal App (iOS | Android)
  2. Select the ‘DApps’ icon on the Explore page
  3. Enter website link to access your desired DApp using the search bar

Expanding our DeFi Ecosystem to Fantom and Cronos

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Krystal is proud to be a part of the Fantom ecosystem and the #crofam, as we now support 6 blockchains on our platform.

SmartSwap (Krystal’s smart liquidity aggregator) has integrated with 9 decentralised exchanges (DEXes) on Fantom, and 8 DEXes on Cronos to bring you the best token swap rates.

Fantom: KyberSwap, SpookySwap, SpiritSwap, PaintSwap, JetSwap, Sushi, Curve, Beethoven x & Morpheus Swap

Cronos: KyberSwap, VVS Finance, CronaSwap, Crodex, MM.Finance, Krypto DEX, EmpireDEX & PhotonSwap

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Trading via our SmartSwap feature will get you the best rates with minimum slippage from all 6 supported blockchains!

Keep a lookout for more features to be added in the near future, such as integrating with lending protocols and launching new projects on KrystalGO.

IDO with NanoByte

Krystal is honoured to be a launch partner of the NanoByte token (NBT) on KrystalGO.

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Moreover, we hosted an AMA with NanoByte’s CEO, Mr Hutama Pastika on our official Telegram group.

You can view a recap of the AMA here.

Our CEO, Mr Sunny Jain, was invited to the Nanoverse Summit (hosted by NanoByte), where he spoke more about the partnership between these two companies.

Rewards Galore — $57k worth of prizes given out in Trading Campaigns

If you like to trade cryptocurrencies, why not do so on Krystal, where you can earn rewards along the way?

In February, we introduced 2 trading campaigns:

  1. Krystal Boost
  2. Krystal Bowl

For each campaign, every trade you made on Krystal brought you a step closer to winning a part of our $12,000 and $45,000 prize pool respectively!

Do keep a lookout for the latest trading campaigns on Telegram and Twitter so that you don’t miss out!

How about you?

How was YOUR journey with Krystal in the past month? Tweet us or send us a message on Telegram to let us know. Also, feel free to share about what you’d like to see us do next.

There’s much more in store in March, so do stay connected with us for the latest updates!

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