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Krystal Monthly Digest: November 2022

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November saw continued market volatility amidst the collapse of FTX, one of the world’s largest centralized exchanges, resulting in a wave of fear and uncertainty for crypto users and the global crypto market. 

In spite of it all, Krystal remains steadfast in our mission, and we are working endlessly to improve and provide users with top-notch services in the DeFi space.

Here’s a quick recap of some highlights of November 2022:

  • New chain: Now supporting DeFi services on Optimism on Krystal mobile app
  • New earning opportunities for your idle funds with liquid staking on 7 blockchains
  • New feature: Token Approval feature allows you to track and revoke any smart contract that has access to your token balances
  • A fresh look for our Krystal Blog
  • Daily and weekly competitions, where hundreds of winners with > $6,000 in prizes
  • Rubbed shoulders with many crypto enthusiasts at ETH Vietnam

Alas, the final month of 2022 has arrived. We are definitely not stepping on the brakes, and will keep building to serve you with the best DeFi experience. Hold fast, hang tight, WAGMI.

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