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Krystal Monthly Digest: October 2022

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October came and went with the volatility of the cryptocurrency market in general, and Krystal also had a slew of changes and updates that you may have missed. Let’s see if you missed any Krystal updates in October by checking the following news.

Key takeaways

– New website design and a slew of new updates to both the website and the mobile app

The introduction of one more chain is on the way

Numerous trading events and new partnerships

Check out the details below for a closer look!

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October has come to an end, but Krystal is still working hard to provide the community with even better experiences. Our ultimate goal is to develop a platform that exists to simplify and serve all of your DeFi needs, and we are rapidly approaching that goal every day.

About Krystal

Krystal is a multi-chain platform that simplifies and serves all your DeFi needs. With the convenience of a single platform, you can swap and bridge tokens, earn passive income, access cutting-edge portfolio management and market insights tools, and participate in token sales via our launchpad, KrystalGO.

All of these features can be accessed on both our website and mobile app (available on iOS and Android), which supports 10 blockchain networks (including Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Klaytn, and Solana).

Founded in April 2021 by former members of Kyber Network, we concluded our seed round in August 2021. We have never stopped innovating, and Krystal has served more than 1.8 million users from 195 countries to date.

We have offices in both Singapore and Hanoi (Vietnam), and our team has since grown to more than 50 members.

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