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Krystal Newsflash (27th May 2022)

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Welcome to our recap of the major stories in the crypto world! Here’s what has happened in the past week:

Terra 2.0 approved

The proposal for LUNA 2.0 has been passed by the Terra community.


The old LUNA and UST tokens will now be renamed to $LUNAC and $USTC respectively,

and the new LUNA token will be airdropped to any holders of the old LUNA and UST tokens.

If you have any LUNAC or USTC tokens on a centralised exchange like Binance, Terra has been working with them to ensure that all users will receive the airdrop.

The new Terra network is set to be launched on the 28th of May, so do keep a lookout for that!

GameStop launches a crypto wallet

After partnering with Loopring, GameStop has now launched their wallet to store digital assets and NFTs.

The 2 main networks that are currently supported include the Ethereum network and Loopring.

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As an alternative, you can consider using the Krystal app (iOS | Android), where you can store assets (including NFTs) on 8 EVM-compatible networks and Solana.


Uniswap hits $1 Trillion

3 and half years was all it took for Uniswap to hit $1 Trillion in trading volume.

Uniswap is a decentralised exchange (DEX) which allows you to swap tokens on multiple networks, including:

  1. Ethereum
  2. Polygon
  3. Optimisim
  4. Arbitrum

Moreover, it is the leading DEX in the world, having ~ $2 billion in trading volume, even though the gas fees on Ethereum can be rather high!

Uniswap is one of the main DEXes that we have integrated with on Krystal, and we source liquidity from this exchange to help you get the best rates with Krystal SmartSwap.

What will you be doing with your LUNC tokens? Will you be trying out the GameStop wallet? Do tweet us or send us a message on Telegram to let us know!

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