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New Chain Now Available — Aurora Is Here On Krystal!

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Krystal is pleased to announce that we have integrated the Aurora network with our platform.

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Coupled with our recent addition of the Arbitrum network, we now have 8 networks for you to store, track and swap your assets!

What is Aurora?

Aurora is a smart contract network that is implemented on the NEAR protocol. While the NEAR protocol is not EVM-compatible, Aurora is a Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution that allows developers to:

  1. Transfer their code to Aurora without any issues
  2. Enjoy the benefits of the NEAR protocol (faster and cheaper transactions vs Ethereum)

The other Layer 2 networks that we support on Krystal include Arbitrum and Polygon.

While Aurora has its own token (AURORA), the gas fees are paid in ETH.


Aurora also boasts transaction fees of ~ $0.02, which is definitely much cheaper compared to transacting on the Ethereum network!

How can I use Aurora on Krystal?

Here are the features that are currently supported by Krystal on the Aurora network:

  • Sending and receiving assets
  • Viewing your portfolio (cryptocurrencies and NFTs)
  • Swapping assets on the Aurora network

Krystal will aggregate popular decentralised exchanges (DEXes) on the Aurora network, allowing you to compare the rates among these platforms.

The first DEX to have been integrated with Krystal is TriSolaris, and stay tuned as we add more DEXes in the future!

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SmartSwap will support trade routing on the Aurora network soon, so that you can obtain the best token swap rates automatically!

You can find out more about SmartSwap on our dedicated support page here.

How do I send assets via the Aurora network?

As Aurora is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible network, the deposit address will be the same as the address that you use for other networks (starting with ‘0x’).

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Do ensure that you are selecting the Aurora network to withdraw your assets from your external wallet when transferring to Krystal!

You can find out more about depositing assets to your Krystal Wallet here.

How do I bridge assets to the Aurora network?

You can use Aurora’s Rainbow Bridge to bridge your assets on the Ethereum network to the Aurora network.


This process will take around 10 minutes before your assets will be transferred to Aurora.

Currently, the Rainbow Bridge only supports the Metamask wallet to bridge between Ethereum and Aurora.

How do I add the Aurora network to my wallet connected with Krystal?

If you are using the Krystal mobile app (iOS and Android), the Aurora network will already be added to your wallet.

However, if you are using our desktop platform and are connecting with an external wallet (e.g. Metamask), you will need to add this network manually, and you can check out this guide here for more details.

Do keep in touch with us on Twitter or Telegram to find out when we release MORE features on the Aurora network!

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