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Send Crypto To Multiple Wallet Addresses With Krystal’s Multi-Send [GUIDE]

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Transferring tokens to one wallet address can be really stress-inducing, and it can be much worse when you need to send them to numerous addresses!

At Krystal, we aim to simplify your decentralised finance (DeFi) experience, and here’s how our Multi-Send feature can help to batch your transactions on any wallet, including Metamask.

Can I send multiple ERC20 and BEP20 tokens to multiple wallet addresses?

You are able to utilise Krystal’s Multi-Send feature to send tokens on Ethereum (ERC20), BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) and other supported networks to multiple wallet addresses.

Currently, we support Multi-Send on all 10 of our EVM-compatible networks, including:

  1. Ethereum
  2. BNB Smart Chain
  3. Polygon
  4. Avalanche
  5. Cronos
  6. Fantom
  7. Arbitrum
  8. Aurora
  9. Klaytn
  10. Optimism

How do I use the Multi-Send feature on Krystal?

  1. Connect your wallet to Krystal
  2. Select the network that you want to send your funds on
  3. Enter all transaction details
  4. Approve your tokens (only required for the first time)
  5. Confirm the transaction

#1 Connect your wallet to Krystal

If you are using the desktop platform, you will need to connect your non-custodial wallet to our platform.

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We allow you to connect multiple wallets, including:

  1. Metamask
  2. Coinbase Wallet
  3. Trust Wallet
  4. Torus
  5. Ledger

If you’re worried about the safety of your assets when connecting your wallet, you can view our security audit here.

#2 Select the network that you want to send your funds on

As we support Multi-Send on multiple EVM-compatible networks, you can select the network you want to use to send your funds here.

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#3 Enter the transaction details

For every row, you will need to fill up these 3 fields:

  1. The recipient address
  2. The type of cryptocurrency to withdraw
  3. The amount of cryptocurrency to withdraw
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If you have lots of transactions, it is possible for you to upload a .csv file with all of the required information. You can view our guide here on how to use the .csv template we have provided.

#4 Approve your tokens (only required for the first time)

If you are using Krystal for the very first time, you will need to perform an approval transaction.

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This allows Krystal’s smart contracts to interact with the balances in your wallet, and you are required to do this for every token.

The transaction will cost some gas fees as well, so don’t forget to have some of the network’s native token in your wallet to pay for these fees!

You can find out what token approvals mean in our detailed guide here.

#5 Confirm the transaction

After you have approved the tokens, you can now confirm your transaction.

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You will need to pay gas fees to send your funds to each wallet. 

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The total amount of gas fees that you see here is based on the number of transactions that you have. If there are more transactions, the gas fee will increase accordingly.

After confirming the transaction in your wallet, 

IizDHNKMm759grmkiEJERKtXujH7jccyDMH hxpOB CDTF7cWHux JjfyoBcbva3gs9D Bnqa3 iD7ZSnWNkpOAAA

you should now have sent these funds to the different wallets!

CVHx58iFG RoLJYJRaoWQMtBdmnh9X9mOjO7wecuQonyQF5KFoTN QC2UWnGqxHGnrqRbDCxKie4FYCXxYlUTiLYjVfDEGTCtZfWmTlu4XnEm7YDONFTP5N2vAEcKrWyKStn4M1UhbSeUpH230T5J5FcE5 Q9t85XgOBA F1w9Fr afkPGK4O5Ez7ksqQw

This feature is also available on our mobile app, which you can download on both iOS and Android.

Can I send multiple tokens to different addresses with Krystal’s Multi-Send?

It is possible for you to send multiple tokens to different addresses within one transaction using Krystal’s Multi-Send feature.

For every wallet address that you add, you can choose which cryptocurrency you wish to send to that specific address.

QMOPQjkVw8gfa B kt HmdQiLxesepO9aeayLwJCRAILrF6UZyaGFLvsfTbaKbvaW0BxwQaTXGJwO9dP RsMQVjuDe578536MgDc2cywapPs5cb78rnFou3jBzNL0suzdIgiTJKSCqncYjcNDvs7egHjL0OIoZXGfwp1RQyA7hHI oi3OYPx8t wHidAtA

It is also possible for you to send different tokens to the same address within one transaction. However, the gas fee that you pay is dependent on the number of transactions that you are sending over.

Final Thoughts

Apart from our Multi-Send feature, we offer other services including Swap, Bridge and Earn within the convenience of one platform. 

Connect your wallet with us to enjoy a seamless and multi-chain experience on both desktop and mobile.

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