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Top 7 Solana DApps You Can Consider Using

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The Solana ecosystem has been steadily expanding, with many new projects being launched.

With the recent launch of Solana on our platform, here’s a list of the top DApps that serve different purposes in the Solana ecosystem:

#1 Orca (DEX)

Orca is one of the top decentralised exchanges (DEXes) on the Solana network.

This allows you to swap between any cryptocurrencies on the Solana network.

Orca also allows you to perform yield farming, where you can earn by depositing liquidity into liquidity pools,


or achieve even higher yields with Whirlpools.

These Whirlpools concentrate your liquidity into a specific price range, which helps you to achieve higher yields.

Your pool rewards will mainly be in the ORCA token, but some pools may allow you to earn dual rewards in the form of another token too.

Stay tuned as we bring swaps on the Solana network onto Krystal in the near future!

#2 Apricot Finance (Lending)

Apricot Finance is a lending platform that allows you to deposit your funds to earn, borrow and leverage your positions to prevent liquidation risks.

You can deposit assets directly into Apricot, and start earning interest in the form of the token itself, and the APT token.

You can borrow these assets at the given APR too!

Under X-Farm, you are able to deposit your tokens and farm up to 3x leverage.

We strongly encourage you to understand the risks before utilising any leveraged products!

Apricot Finance allows you to earn higher yields on the assets that you currently own on the Solana network.

#3 Magic Eden (NFTs)

If you’re looking to buy NFTs on the Solana network, one of the top marketplaces is Magic Eden.

You are able to buy NFTs from multiple collections, including Move2Earn projects like STEPN or Genopets.

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#4 Wormhole (Bridge)

The Wormhole technology allows different blockchain networks to communicate with each other via smart contracts.

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One of its major use cases is the Portal Bridge, which allows you to bridge your assets to and from Solana with another network (e.g. Ethereum, Avalanche, BSC or Fantom).

You can connect your Krystal Wallet to Portal Bridge via our DApp Browser to bridge your assets directly from the app!

#5 Audius (Music Platform)

A combination of Spotify and crypto brings you Audius, a streaming music platform that aims to reward creators in a fairer way.

The interface is similar to other music streaming platforms.

However, the number of artists on Audius pales in comparison to other platforms.

Audius was previously on the Ethereum network, but they have migrated to the Solana network.

#6 Move2Earn Games (STEPN and Genopets)

Move2Earn is becoming a big phenomenon in the crypto world, and there are some projects that have decided to launch on the Solana network, including STEPN,


and Genopets.


In fact, the majority of you were excited about Genopets in our recent poll!

While walking and earning money seems like a great deal, you will need to put in a rather large initial investment into the project.

At the time of writing, one STEPN sneaker costs around 12 SOL (~ $670 USD) and one Genopet habitat costs around 48 SOL (~$2670 USD).

#7 Krystal (All-In-One App)

Navigating the DeFi world can be extremely challenging, and at Krystal, our aim is to simplify the experience for you.

With our Krystal wallet now supporting the Solana network,


here are some of the features that you can currently use on Krystal:

  • Create a Multi-Chain wallet (Solana + EVM-compatible networks)
  • Store, send and receive assets on Solana and 8 other networks
  • Participate in IDOs by projects on the Solana network

Do stay tuned as we provide more DeFi services, such as a DApp browser, Swap and Earn.


As the Solana ecosystem grows, it is exciting to see many new projects launching on this network.

While you are navigating through the world of Solana, you will need to have a Solana wallet, and you can take advantage of our Krystal Wallet (iOS | Android) for a seamless experience.


You can check out our guide here on how to create a Multi-Chain wallet on Krystal.

P.S. we would appreciate it if you could help to upvote us here on the Solana website!


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