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Revealing Your Crypto Personality Based On Your Zodiac Sign (Lunar New Year Special)

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As we usher in the Lunar New Year, all of us are looking for a fresh and prosperous start to the year. 

One way that you can find out what’s in store for you is via your Zodiac sign, which is based on the year you’re born in the Lunar Calendar.

We’ll be breaking down the traits of each Zodiac sign to determine what crypto personality you may have, and how it can guide you to greater heights this year!

Not sure what’s your Zodiac sign? Check out this calculator here before you scroll down to find your personality.

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Rat: The Researcher

Everyone loves to be a friend of the Rat, as you are quick-witted, resourceful, versatile and kind. 

Does someone need help in deciding which crypto to buy? You will provide an in-depth analysis of the token, and give a balanced answer on whether you should ape into the latest project or not.

You are most likely familiar with multiple terms such as tokenomics, market cap, whitepaper, and liquidity. All of these fundamentals will determine your investment decisions, and this research is great for your friends who are just too lazy to study the project themselves.

Just remember to make sure your friends don’t take your kindness for granted!

Ox: The HODL-er

You see crypto and investing as a long-term game, and you’re not interested in chasing the price pumps.

With a strong conviction in cryptocurrencies and the benefits that it brings, you are willing to hold onto your investments to sell them off at a much higher price in the future.

However, it may be wise for you to take profits along the way! Bull markets come and go, and you may never know when the next one would come.

Tiger: The Risk-Taker

Competition is the name of your game, as you look for ways to increase your crypto portfolio.

You may be willing to do anything to get profits, and are willing to try new trading strategies.

While everyone is selling during the bear market, you may see this as the prime opportunity to increase your positions.

If you are trading using leverage, remember not to take on too much risk! One wrong move could destroy your entire portfolio.

Impulsiveness could be your downfall as you aim to be at the top, so you may want to exercise some patience before investing in every opportunity.

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Rabbit / Cat: The Responsible Trader

Depending if you’re following the Chinese (Rabbit) or Vietnamese (Cat) Lunar calendar, the traits associated with you are quiet, elegant, kind, and responsible.

In contrast to the Tiger, you aren’t willing to take on too much risks when trading cryptocurrencies.

You’d most likely have set aside an amount of money from your salary every month to invest in crypto, and you will not invest more than that!

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Dragon: The Sharer

If you’re a Dragon and you love crypto, you’d most likely be sharing this incredible technology with your friends and family when you meet them during the New Year.

You’ve most likely read through the Bitcoin whitepaper and understand its potential to change the world, and aren’t afraid to proclaim your love for cryptocurrencies to the world.

However, it pays to read the room so that you don’t annoy your friends and family too much!

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Snake: The Feeler

If you’re born in the year of the Snake, you may not believe in analysing a crypto project based on its fundamentals.

The concept of tokenomics does not really matter to you, as you prefer to make investments based on your gut feeling

If something just seems right about a crypto project, you aren’t afraid to invest a large amount of money into it, even if it can be seen as a bold move.

However, when your friends or family ask for your rationale, you most likely aren’t able to provide an explanation!

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Horse: The Active Trader

Charts are your best friend, as you are trying to find the best opportunities in the market.

You know how to perform technical analysis like the back of your hand, as you look for patterns that signal a buy or a sell.

Similar to the Tiger, you may tend to be slightly more impulsive, so it’ll pay to exercise some caution before going into any trade.

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Goat: The Stickler

Amidst the volatility of the crypto space, you are calm and collected when it comes to your investments.

You aren’t influenced by general market sentiments, even when the Fear index is at its highest!

Similar to the Ox, you believe in long-term gains and aren’t afraid to hold onto cryptocurrencies even though they are crashing.

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Monkey: The Knowledgeable Trader

An avid learner, you are on top of the latest advancements in crypto, and you can easily explain how zkEVMs are the holy grail in Ethereum scaling to anyone.

With the crypto space being so new, there are so many things to learn about it, and you have no qualms about reading up to learn as much as you can.

This hunger for learning will eventually reap benefits as you have the first-mover advantage whenever a new opportunity arises.

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Rooster: The Trendspotter

Always active on Twitter, you know how to discover emerging trends in the market. Your phone would most likely be flooded with notifications from crypto news sites!

Blockchain explorers aren’t foreign to you, as you know how to identify movements by crypto whales and interpret them as trading opportunities.

This New Year would be a good time to take a break from your phone and reconnect with your family and friends!

Dog: The Cautious Trader

You aren’t really a risk taker, and are looking for much safer bets instead.

Blue-chip cryptocurrencies that have stood the test of time like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and BNB are the most appealing to you. Meanwhile, you may be more averse to taking gambles on small-cap cryptocurrencies.

This may reap benefits in the future, as you strongly believe in delayed gratification rather than quick gains in the crypto market.

However, your conservative nature may cause you to miss out on huge opportunities! It may be worthwhile to consider making some calculated risks and look into other cryptocurrencies as well.

Pig: The Support

You’re an extremely dependable friend as you provide a listening ear to anyone who’s feeling down during the bear market.

After having a fair share of your own misery in the crypto market, you know how it feels and aren’t afraid to recount your experiences with newbies in the market.

You aim to achieve stability when investing in the crypto markets, and would want to research thoroughly about them first before diving into any of them.

Closing Thoughts

Does your Zodiac personality match you in real life? Let us know in the comments below 👇

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