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Celebrating Two Years with You: A Look Back at Krystal’s Achievements

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We are beyond excited to celebrate this huge milestone with you, and it is your achievement as much as it is ours 💚

As web3 technology continues to revolutionise the world we live in, navigating this space continues to be a challenge. Hence, we have remained steadfast in our endeavour to create the simplest web3 wallet for everyone.

Let’s take a look back at some of the key product developments we have brought in our second year.

Key Product Developments

#1 Improved Interoperability between Blockchain Networks

With 3 new chains integrated including Solana, you can now store and manage assets from 11 chains in a single wallet.

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Store and Manage Assets on Polygon, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Cronos, Arbitrum, Fantom, Aurora, Klaytn, Optimism and Solana

To simplify the process of transferring tokens between different networks, we launched Krystal Bridge. The feature is powered by Multichain’s cross chain router protocol, and we have made it possible for you to send assets between 10 chains directly on Krystal.

#2 Empowering Users to Take Ownership over Security of Their Assets

In our Portfolio feature, we introduced ‘Token Approvals’ to provide visibility on smart contracts that you have granted access to your token balances. In the case that any of these smart contracts get compromised, you can easily search, view, and revoke directly in your wallet.

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Krystal has also made it convenient for you to import multiple wallets safely.

With the launch of our in-app scanner, we enable you to easily capture and transfer alphanumeric private key strings in less than 1 second.

Krystal helps reduce your risk of exposure to malware that tracks what you’re typing on your devices when you use third-party apps to import your private keys.

#3 More Non-Custodial Earning Opportunities

With our integration of Lido Finance and Ankr, Krystal brings you liquid staking opportunities to earn higher returns with greater flexibility.

As a whole, Krystal brings you 100+ decentralised earn options for native tokens, DAO tokens, stable coins and more. Have an aggregated overview of all passive income opportunities for their wallet holdings, and other tokens supported by the integrated protocols.

#4 Enhanced User Experience through Added Functionalities & UI Improvements

In the year, we also worked on pushing improvements to make your experience on Krystal a more seamless and intuitive one.

We improved our Swap UI

  • Better gas estimation gives you an accurate overview of transaction-related fees
  • Better rate display overview enables you to conveniently compare rates between multiple DEXes to help decide on the option that gives you the best rates

We improved our Search function

Krystal can be your Sherlock Holmes when it comes to searching for any wallet address or token.

  • Enter any wallet address to access its portfolio page. You can view all of the wallet’s assets and NFTs across all of our supported chains.

  • Enter any token name, ticker or token address to access a comprehensive list of tokens.
  • View the major liquidity pools for any token. Click to see candlestick chart of any liquidity pool. Krystal shows you real-time token price information, especially useful for tokens launched from IDOs.

We improved our Token Transfer experience

  • Address Book: Save frequently used wallet address recipients for quick access to reduce the pain of manually entering addresses and minimises the risk of sending assets to the wrong address
  • Personalisation: Attach messages and images with your token transfers to add a personal touch

Only possible with your trust and support, we were also happy to achieve a significant milestone of 1M downloads on Google Play Store!

MKT 1M Downloads

Join our #KrystalTurns2 Celebrations!

To celebrate this milestone, we have are having 2 weeks of celebration, events & giveaways!

Mint an EXCLUSIVE #KrystalTurns2 Anniversary NFT

MKT Krystal NFT

To celebrate this occasion, we are happy to announce a joint campaign with Kyber Network, CoinGecko, Multichain, Venus Protocol and Ankr Network.

  1. From now til 07 May’23, complete tasks to mint limited edition Krystal x Partner OATs
  2. When you have collected all 5 OATs, visit Krystal’s campaign page to mint the exclusive Krystal Wallet 2-Year Anniversary NFT
  3. At the end of the campaign, all NFT holders will receive 1,000 eggs.
  4. Visit Krystal Rewards to spend eggs to receive more rewards
  5. More special reward will be given to NFT owner in the future.

Win up to $20,000 in Krystal Guess & Win

It’s simple – pick a lucky number. If your number matches the winning number, stand to win from the our largest prize pool yet. Join the $20,000 Guess & Win event now!

MKT 20k Guess Win

Want to claim more tickets? We’re airdropping 10,000 eggs to 10 lucky winners in this campaign.

We will be announcing more celebration events in the coming week so stay tuned to our Telegram and Twitter channels!

What’s Ahead for Krystal?

This year, Krystal is committed to providing you with even more enhancements to support the growth of your portfolio.

First, we will improve the speed, accuracy and presentation of all digital assets of all of your owned wallets for you to understand the health and performance of their overall portfolio. When talking about wallet assets, this will also include visibility of liquidity positions to understand true PnL of all your positions. This can also be used for any wallet you wish to track.

Additionally, we understand that it can be difficult to discern the appropriate actions to take in response to market movements and news. Thus, Krystal aims to deliver actionable insights in your wallet to help you to take better decisions to grow your investments.

In the days ahead, we remain committed to our mission of bringing web3 to everyone, and we look forward to continuing this journey with you by our side.

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