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KyberSwap STIP Trading Campaign for Krystal users

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We are thrilled to announce an exciting new campaign from our prestigous partner KyberSwap, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator.

As part of our partnership, all Krystal users will be eligible to participate in the KyberSwap STIP Trading Campaign. This campaign offers a fantastic opportunity for our liquidity providers to earn extra rewards while using Krystal.

Campaign Details

  • Total Reward Pool: 315,000 ARB (approximately $212,000)
  • Campaign Duration: July 08 – September 15
  • Participants: All users of KyberSwap and KyberSwap partners, including Krystal

How to Participate

Participating in the campaign is straightforward. Whenever you perform any of the following transactions on Krystal and they are routed through KyberSwap, you will earn Kyber points:

  • Zap In
  • Zap Out
  • Rebalance / Auto-Rebalance
  • Auto-Rebalance
  • Compound
  • Swap

Example: You Zap In $10,000 worth of ETH into the pool ETH-BNB. In this transaction, $5,000 worth of ETH is swapped to BNB through KyberSwap. Then that $5,000 swap volume will earn you points in the KyberSwap Trading Campaign

To maximize your rewards, it’s crucial to understand how points are collected based on the type of trades you execute. Points are awarded according to the volume of transactions routed through KyberSwap, categorized into four distinct categories:

  • Category 1: ARB trading will give 10 Points per USD swapped. It can be paired with any eligible tokens from the list, except plsARB that falls in Category 3.
    • Examples: ARB <> USDC; ETH <> ARB; PENDLE <> ARB
  • Category 2: Uncorrelated tokens trading will give 5 Points per USD swapped. This includes trading any eligible token to any eligible token that does not fall in Category 1, 3, or 4.
    • Examples: ETH <> USDT; WBTC <> WSTETH; PENDLE <> KNC
  • Category 3: ETH Derivatives trading will give 1 Point per USD swapped.
    • Examples: ETH <> WSTETH; EZETH <> RETH; WEETH <> ETH
  • Category 4: Stablecoins to Stablecoins trading will give 0.5 Points per USD swapped.
    • Examples: USDC <> USDT; FRAX <> DAI; USDC.e <> MIM

NOTE: Any swap below $1 won’t earn points or rewards. Points are calculated for each full USD swapped; cents don’t count. Example: A trade on ARB <> ETH of $3.90 will give 30 points, while a trade of $0.50 will give 0 points.

You can check your Kyber points by visiting their campaign page HERE.
You can learn more about the overall campaign by visiting Kyber post HERE.

Join the Campaign

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to earn substantial rewards while engaging with the DeFi ecosystem. Make your transactions on Krystal from July 08 to September 15 and start collecting Kyber points today!

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