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Use Krystal Wallet for a chance to win $18,000 in prizes!

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>$54,000 in prize pools, >26,000 tickets claimed, >11,000 wallets participants since our first Guess & Win.

And it has just gotten bigger. 

You know the drill: Simply pick a lucky number. If your number matches the winning number, stand to win from the $18,000 prize pool!

Still unsure? Read the complete guide below on how to take part in our largest Guess & Win event yet:

  • Complete missions to collect eggs 
  • Spend eggs to claim lucky numbers
  • Match any 2 and above numbers to win prizes!

#1 Complete Missions to Collect Eggs 

Eggs are the reward points that you earn from activities on Krystal. Eggs can be used to claim various rewards and perks.

Krystal Guess Win 18k Task Calendar
Mission Calendar (01 – 07 Mar 2023)

From 01 Mar to 07 Mar 2023, collect eggs by completing tasks everyday. Missions will reset daily, so you will get a chance to collect up to 3,000 eggs!

Desktop Users

  1. Visit Krystal Rewards
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Complete daily tasks to collect eggs
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Mobile App Users

  1. Open Krystal (download on App/Google Play Store if you have not!)
  2. Go to Explore > Loyalty
  3. Connect Detected/Krystal Wallet
  4. Complete daily tasks to collect eggs
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Earn up to 3,000 eggs by completing all missions everyday! 

Note: You have to fulfill the task requirement completely to be able to earn the reward. E.g. if you swap $450 or swap 9 times, you will not earn any eggs.

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#2 Spend Eggs to Claim Lucky Numbers

Now that you’ve collected the eggs, spend your eggs to claim tickets to enter the $18,000 draw.

  • Claim Tickets: 01 March 2023 to 07 March 2023, 19:59 GMT+8
  • Draw Date: 07 March 2023, 20:00 GMT+8
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Each ticket costs 100 eggs, and this gives you one entry to guess the winning number.
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You can either choose your own lucky number, or generate a random one.

#3 Match any 2 and above numbers to win prizes!

Depending on the number of matching digits your ticket number has with the winning number, you will be eligible to win from a certain prize pot:

Number of Digits MatchedPrize Pot
ALL digits8,100 BUSD
Match first or last 54,500 BUSD
Match first or last 42,700 BUSD
Match first or last 31,800 BUSD
Match first or last 2900 BUSD

Here’s a diagram to illustrate how we define matching the first and last numbers with the winning number of ‘715349’:

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The amount that you win will be split equally amongst all winners that are eligible for that prize pot. For example, if there are 2 winners that matched all digits, both winners will win 4,050 BUSD.

To find out more details on how to participate in this event, check it out in the ‘How to participate’ tab on this page.

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Think you’ve got what it takes? Claim your tickets now to win from the $18,000 prize pool! 

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