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Update Regarding Krystal’s Referral Program

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Thank you for being our steadfast supporters, and referring Krystal to numerous of your friends and family! We will be ending Phase 1 of the Referral Program on 17th January 2023 (GMT +8), as we transition to Phase 2 in the near future.

When will the Referral Program be paused?

The Referral Program will be paused on 17th January 2023 (GMT +8). This means that Krystal will not be issuing rewards for any trade volume that your referrals have accumulated after this date.

What happens to the trade volume that my referrals accumulated before 17th January?

The trade volume that your referrals have accumulated before 17th January will still be counted towards your referral rewards.

What happens to the pending rewards that I have not claimed from the Referral Program?

You are still able to claim your BUSD rewards from the Rewards page.

Don’t forget to have some BNB as gas fees to process the transaction!

I would still love to refer Krystal to my friends. Can I still use my referral codes?

Yes! You can still share any of your referral codes with your friends. However, you will not be able to earn any referral rewards until Phase 2 of the Referral Program is live.

What changes can I expect to see in Phase 2 of the Referral Program?

Look out for more ways to earn rewards when your referees perform different tasks on Krystal, as well as more types of rewards that you can earn, including eggs that we’ve previously introduced in our Daily Check-In program!

We hope you’re as excited as us as we bring more ways to earn in our revamped Referral Program!

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