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Revised Changes to KrystalGO’s Points System (Effective 11 May 2022)

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We are introducing an easier way for you to accumulate points to qualify for various tiers in KrystalGO, our IDO & INO Launchpad.

#1 Points continue to be awarded for accumulated trade volume on Krystal

Trade volume on Krystal will continue to count towards points needed to qualify for the 4 tiers on KrystalGO. With the latest changes, this will be the only way for users to accumulate points.

To qualify for the 4 tiers on KrystalGO, you will need to accumulate trade volume on our platform.

You can make token swaps on any of our 8 supported networks (Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Cronos, Arbitrum and Aurora) to count towards your trade volume.

For every $1 USD in trade volume, you will receive 0.1 points on KrystalGO. These points are valid for 30 days, and you can track your point expiry on the KrystalGO Dashboard.

#2 KNC staking is no longer required to achieve the Obsidian, Emerald and Sapphire tiers

Previously, KNC staking was one of the requirements to achieve higher tiers on KrystalGO. We have now removed this requirement.

However, this also means that you will not earn any points on KrystalGO by staking KNC (effective 11 May 2022).

If you have previously staked KNC on KrystalGO, you can unstake it on the KrystalGO website.

Your KNC stake will not be lost, and you can unstake it at any time. You can choose to leave your stake on Krystal, but you will not receive any benefits for doing so.

#3 Point requirement for each tier remains the same

The number of points to reach the different tiers will remain the same:

  • 🟠 Topaz (300 points = $3,000 trade volume)
  • 🟣 Obsidian (3,000 points = $30,000 trade volume)
  • 🟢 Emerald (10,000 points = $100,000 trade volume)
  • 🔵 Sapphire (35,000 points = $350,000 trade volume)

Why are we making these changes?

For the previous requirements, you will need to have a minimum stake of KNC (at least 1,200) to qualify for the Obsidian tier and above.

With these new changes, it is now easier for you to qualify for, and upgrade to higher tiers on KrystalGO.

All you’ll need to do is to accumulate trade volume. The higher the amount of trade volume, the higher the tier you’ll be allocated.

This will result in a greater allocation of the tokens that are being issued by the new project!

Will there be other ways for me in the future to accumulate points on KrystalGO?

With KrystalGO, we always endeavour to streamline the investment process into promising crypto projects that are in their early stages.

Stay tuned as we introduce new ways our loyal users can accumulate KrystalGO points in the future.

If you have any questions or are unsure about the changes, feel free to contact us on Twitter or Telegram channel.

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